The chemical industry in Turkey, which set a record in 2019 with the export of 20.6 billion dollars, became the second most exported sector in the past year. The chemical industry has drawn attention to the increased export performance, exporting more than 3 billion dollars in 2019, among the industries increasingly growing 18.54 percent of exports to Turkey and could be a growing industry.

The chemical sector, which stands out as the locomotive sector that exports to most countries among all industries, became the leader in this field with its exports to 208 countries and regions in November. The sector’s exports in terms of quantity in 2019 amounted to 26 million 539 thousand tons, with an increase of 35.83%. Spain, which is one of the countries with the highest export volume in the chemical industry, ranked first with exports of 1 billion 62 million dollars while the Netherlands ranked second with exports of 1 billion 32 million dollars, and Iraq ranked third with exports of 1 billion 12 million dollars.

Assessing the year-end exports of the chemical industry, the President of İKMİB, Adil Pelister, said: “Our chemical industry exports broke an all-time record in 2019. We have been very successful in exceeding our $20 billion targets with exports of $20.6 billion. Also, among the sector’s exports of more than 3 billion dollars in 2019, we were the fastest-growing sector of Turkey, with export growth of 18.54 percent. Our sector’s export in terms of quantity in 2019 was 26 million 539 thousand tons, with an increase of 35.83%. We beat our monthly export record with 1.94 billion dollars of exports in October 2019. During 2019, every month in a row as Turkey’s second-largest export sector, we have been leading our second permanent goal. In the chemical industry in Turkey, by taking a share of 11.44 percent of Turkey’s total exports, we have brought significant added value to our country. In 2020, the first sector, while maintaining our position as the second most exported sector of Turkey, Turkey’s exports, and we aim to increase our contribution to growth. Besides, we plan to conduct our activities more broadly following the roadmaps we will create for our sub-sectors. »

“Chemicals is a strategic industry with high growth potential.”

Stressing that the chemical industry is growing every year and that its growth potential is high, this is a strategic sector. As İKMİB, we successfully represent the Turkish chemical industry worldwide, with 16 subsectors of plastics, paint, cosmetics, medicine, rubber, organic, and inorganic chemicals. In this context, during 2019, with around 500 exporter companies, we participated in 14 national trade fairs and 11 international trade fairs. We visited 4 organization information stands, conducted five sector trade missions, 12 recruitment committees, 4 TTG (Turkey Promotion Group), three seminars, and continue in the framework of 7 international competitiveness development projects (URGE). We organized 3 URGE delegations and 3 URGE training and six workshops related to different sectors. In addition, we held our 8th event on the R&D projects market, the fourth of our IKMIB Export Stars award ceremony, and the Industrial Design Competition. »

The 2023 chemical export target is $30 billion.

Noting that they aim to export more than $22 billion in the chemical industry by 2020, Pelister said: “As part of our country’s 2023 targets, we aim to increase our sector’s exports to $30 billion and achieve a 13 percent share in the $226.6 billion export target. To achieve this export target, our Ministry of Commerce is forwarding our requests to the relevant ministries. This includes: facilitating our exporters’ access to financing, ensuring the digital transformation of the chemical industry, energy costs, and TCS, creating container lines, increasing fair participation rates, and investing in petrochemical plants.

The Star Refinery facility, opened in 2018 and operating in the petrochemical sector, has made a significant contribution to our industry in terms of chemical exports. Our chemical exports are also positively affected by the investments made in our industry. We need six new petrochemical plants. We expect investments in petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals to begin. However, it is essential for our exporters that efforts to update the customs union agreement with the European Union are completed as soon as possible. As exporters of chemicals, we will continue to contribute to the development and growth of our country. »

Spain was the most exported country in 2019

In analyzing the distribution of chemicals and chemical products exports by country in 2019, Spain ranks first with exports of $1.62 billion, while the Netherlands is second with exports of $1.32 billion and third Iraq with exports of $1.12 billion. Italy, Egypt, Germany, the United States, Greece, England, and Malta are in the top ten.

EU countries ranked first in chemical industry exports in 2019

In 2019, the European Union ranked first among the countries in which the chemical industry exports were made, with an exportation of 8.51 billion dollars and an increase of 27.24%, while the countries of Asia and the Near and Middle East were second with a rise of 3.9 billion dollars and an increase of 24.56%. Other European countries were third with exports of 2.66 billion dollars, and a rise of 17.16%, North African countries were fourth with exports of 1.85 billion dollars and an increase of 7.78% and other Asian countries with exports of 1.36 billion dollars and 1%, It ranked fifth with 12 decreases.

Most of the “plastics and products” were exported

The “plastics and products” product group ranked first in the chemicals and chemical sector’s exports in 2019, with an increase of 4.12% and exports of $6.12 billion and had a 29.67% share of the industry’s total exports. The group of “mineral fuels, oils, and mineral products” with an increase of 85.78%, exports of 6.08 billion dollars and a share of 29.46% and an increase of 0.91%, exports of 1.82 billion and 8%, The group of “inorganic chemicals” followed with 82 actions. The other most exported product groups in the chemical industry in Turkey were respectively “rubber, rubber products,” “essential oils, cosmetics and soap,” and “pharmaceuticals.”


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