The Turkish furniture sector is enlarging its presence globally. As a country that exported $3.5 billion worth of furniture last year, Turkey is planning to launch two shopping malls in the United States and Dubai in the upcoming months.

As the Turkish furniture sector maintains its position in the global market in terms of exports, it is focused on building a global brand and continuing sales channels abroad.

Koray Calışkan, director and shareholder of the country’s oldest furniture showroom, Modoko, said the U.S. mall is scheduled to open in the first half of this year in Kansas, while the Dubai project will be ready in two months.

These new furniture shopping centres will sell Turkish products from many brands.

The project was launched jointly by Modoko, another large MASKO furniture showroom and the Kayseri Organized Industrial Site (OIS), said Çalışkan to Anadolu Agency (AA).

Shopping malls in Dubai and the United States were the company’s first target, adding that it plans to open more stores in the United States and around the world, he added.

Turkey and the United States also recently declared a goal of $100 billion in bilateral trade volume, and the furniture sector was among the top five sectors targeted by that goal.

“This project will provide Turkey with a global brand and a permanent outlet for the promotion and export of the country’s furniture products,” said Çalışkan.

Regarding the US project, Çalışkan said studies for the shopping centre were continuing, adding that much of the work had already been completed.

The mall in the United States will offer services such as management, sales, assembly and logistics.

“We are awaiting the approval process and incentive procedures, which will be announced in the first half of 2020,” he continued.

Çalışkan said that these shopping centres will significantly increase Turkey’s exports, adding that each shopping centre is expected to achieve high sales in a short period of time.

Stating that the country’s furniture exports have reached $3.5-4 billion compared to $100-150 million over the past 15 years, he added that the sector’s target for 2023 is $10 billion.

The planned furniture shopping centre is also foreseen to provide support to secondary sectors such as household goods and carpets, and to generate new opportunities for small businesses, which currently lack sufficient capacity to export goods.

The project will also boost the value of Turkish brands abroad.


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