Turkish mobile game company Dream Games received a $155 million investment from investors. The field of gaming startups is becoming less and less of a secret for Turkey, which is increasing its success in the sector by the day. The latest development in this field is Dream Games, which develops puzzle games for mobiles.

Dream’s founding board got their start at Peak Games, another Turkish mobile games company behind such hits as Toy Blast and Toon Blast, which was acquired by Zynga for $1.8 billion in June last year.

Dream Games, which has received a $50m Series A investment in recent months, said this time it had received a Series B investment.

Soner Aydemir, co-founder and CEO of Dream Games, said that the investment will be used to attract new users. He also said that the focus would be on the Asian region.

According to the statements, the Turkish video game company has received a Series B investment of $155 million, with a total valuation of $1 billion. The investment is said to be jointly made by Index Ventures and Makers Fund, with contributions from Balderton Capital, IVP and Kora.

It is true that the company has undertaken the development of multiple mobile games. However, it is fair to say that Royal Match, available on iOS and Android platforms, is one of the company’s flagship games.

It is reported that the game in question, which was launched last March, has 6 million active users to date, and generates around $20 million in monthly revenue exclusively from in-game purchases. It should be noted that these revenues do not involve any advertising promotion.

The company aims to develop more successful games with the $155 million investment.

Dream Games is perfectly able to distinguish itself in terms of mobile game promotion. Indeed, the company does not include any advertising in its games but generates a set of revenues through in-game purchases. This allows for a more wholesome user experience.

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