Accounting and HR Specialist

Accounting and HR Specialist

Type of employment: Indefinite Term Employment Contract

Location: Kadıköy, Istanbul

We are looking for an Accounting and HR Specialist for our offices. Founded in 2006, ERAI Turkey is a business development and management consulting company that assists and guides companies wishing to establish themselves on the Turkish market. Our multilingual team has made our company the first choice of international companies on the Turkish market (more than 30 employees).  We are the 1st private facilitator and 1st incubator offering a wide range of tailor-made and complementary solutions in two fields of activity: Business Development & Business Management.

ERAI Turkey has recorded a strong improvement this year despite the pandemic and the current economic situation, we are planning to expand our offices and at the same time the operational team in 2022.

In the framework of this development, we would like to welcome a multi-skilled Accounting and HR Specialist to our operational team in order to reinforce future projects.

Main Responsibilities

The Accounting and HR Specialist will support the operational team. He/she will be responsible for the organization and administrative management in assistance to the project manager and will provide administrative, organizational and content support to all project services and activities.

The role will include:

Accounting and Finance Activities:

  • Preparing accounting reports,
  • Follow-up, administration and management of all accounting relations with public and private institutions,
  • Following, executing and implementing the legislation,
  • Keeping books, records and documents in accordance with legal and company policies and procedures,
  • File, order and follow-up of accounting-related documents.
  • Executing accounting activities of all financial flow and record movements.
  • Communicating with banks, keeping bank records
  • Current transaction tracking, payments, accounting records, checks and promissory notes etc. with Group Companies, monitoring of payment instruments, DBS, ensuring their collection, records,
  • Creating financial statements and reports about all financial transactions and analyzing financial statements.
  • Processing and controlling accounting documents within the framework of legal regulations,
  • Creation of accounting records by making collections and payments.
  • Supporting the timely and complete preparation of all declarations that the company is responsible for preparing, and checking those declarations
  • Legal legislation follow-up (tax, incentive, etc.), support for all accounting operations,
  • Making current account reconciliations and controls,
  • Execution of e-ledger, e-invoice and e-archive processes,
  • Checking the accounts before the closing of the month and performing the period-end accounting transactions, preparing the necessary financial data and reports,
  • Contributing to the processes in General Accounting issues,
  • Supporting all tax inspections process follow-up and preparation of periodic reports,
  • Ensuring information and document communication with audit and financial consultancy firms.

Human Resources Activities:

  • SSI, payroll, job entry-exit transactions,
  • Preparation of personnel files,
  • Execution of personnel affairs of the employees and payroll processes,
  • Keeping the records of annual leave tables of the employees

Purchasing Activities:

  • Supporting the employees with their purchasing activities
  • Controlling purchasing contracts and ensuring supplier relations
  • Executing the purchase of the office needs

The successful candidate core set of skills will leverage to be able to grow and learn from other experienced team members.

General Qualifications and Experience

  • Good command of English, French is a plus
  • At least 5+ years of experience in the field of accounting,
  • Knowledge of the Turkish market and the economic situation.
  • Graduated from Business Administration, Economics, Finance or Economics departments of universities,
  • Proficient in MS Office programs,
  • Preferably able to use accounting programs,
  • Preferably with SMMM certificate,
  • To be able to prepare VAT, Withholding, SCT, Provisional Tax, etc. declarations,
  • Having knowledge of e-ledger, e-invoice processes and applications,
  • Experienced in payroll, wage, accrual and payroll,
  • Having a good command of the Labor Law No. 4857 and SGK legislation,
  • Able to use planning, business follow-up and coordination skills effectively, responsible, developed problem-solving skills, high verbal and written communication skills,
  • Will be prone to teamwork and adapt to intense working pace,
  • Regular, systematic, careful, analytical/numerical intelligence developed,
  • Good diction, strong communication skills, prone to teamwork,
  • Completed military service for male candidates.
  • High sense of discipline and responsibility.
  • Anticipation, organization, respect of deadlines, sense of priorities, insight
  • Reactivity, availability and autonomy, ability to listen
  • Ability to analyze and synthesize
  • Ability to manage several activities simultaneously


  • Deadline for receipt of applications: 31/03/2022

Please send your CV in English to

ERAI Turkey’s experienced team can carry out such kind of specific daily works related to your business and coordinate all of them on your behalf. ERAI Turkey’s team acts out as a facilitator by proposing a whole series of solutions according to your needs and demands. Thanks to our flexible structure as a company, we are capable of providing tailor-made services specially designed and shaped according to our clients.

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