Back Office Services

ERAI Turkey offers you back office services which will support the deployment of your activities in Turkey. This service includes prospecting, making appointments, sending emails, translating brochures or other documentation as well as taking responsibility for sharing information with your potential customers. This activity will allow you to delegate important tasks to professionals already on the spot with knowledge of your problems with the most suitable communication and development techniques in Turkey.

You can outsource your detailed small tasks so that you can solely focus on your business. ERAI Turkey’s experienced team can carry out such kind of specific daily works related to your business and coordinate all of them on your behalf. ERAI Turkey’s team acts out as a facilitator by proposing a whole series of solutions according to your needs and demands. Thanks to our flexible structure as a company, we are capable of providing tailor-made services specially designed and shaped according to our clients.

ERAI Turkey relies on its network of high-performance accountants , lawyers and managers, etc. who are experts in their fields and can assist you in your day-to-day activities.