Creation of a Subsidiary

Do you have a project to create a subsidiary in Turkey? Or are you interested in mergers and / or acquisitions of Turkish companies?

ERAI Turkey is on your side to successfully lead your project.

Starting your own business is always an intense but challenging experience. On the one hand, the excitement of seeing a dream come true, and the prospect of financial gain; on the other hand, bureaucratic complexities. Would you like to be guided by a professional in the Turkish market?

Do you need help with negotiating a merger or acquisition of a Turkish company? ERAI Turkey is at your disposal for the realization of your subsidiary creation project.

With more than 13 years of experience, our team takes care of the administrative part of your project and leaves you with the pleasure and success part!

ERAI Turkey’s Business is Evolving!
10 Steps to establish a company in Turkey

1. Submit the memorandum and articles of association online at MERSIS
2. Execute and notarize company documents
3. Obtain potential tax identity number
4. Deposit a percentage of capital to the account of the Competition Authority
5. Deposit at least 25 percent of the startup capital in a bank and obtain proof thereof
6. Apply for registration at the Trade Registry Office
7. Certify the legal books
8. Follow up with the tax office on the Trade Registry Office’s company establishment
9. Issuance of signature circular
10. Move certain documents to electronic format / E-TUYS system

More than 30 subsidiaries have been created in Turkey, by international companies thanks to the warm and professional support of our entity.