We are looking for a Director at Basque Trade and Investment Turkey!


Basque Trade and Investment (BasqueTrade) is the internationalization agency of the Basque Government that offers customized services to boost Basque company’s exports and internationalization, foster positioning activities in strategic markets, facilitate technical support in commercial and production plants, as well as provide support for projects funded by multi-lateral organizations.

In addition, we advise foreign investors who wish to invest and establish in the Basque Country. As part of our strategic plan for this attractive and challenging role, the candidate will report to our Headquarters in Bilbao and will support the growth of the business in Turkey. The candidate will interact with both Basque and Turkish companies providing excellent service and assisting in the development of their projects.

To meet these goals, the representative office of Turkey is staffed with a technical team made up of internationalization professionals and scholarship holders from the BEINT program of the Basque Government, led by the director.

Role Description:

  • Lead the Representative office in Turkey and set management objectives in coordination with the agency.
  • Coordinate the provision of the Basque Government’s entire portfolio of internationalization services.
  • Establish high-level relations with companies, associations, organizations, government, and institutional bodies.
  • Create and maintain mechanisms to access commercial and market data, identification, and analysis of opportunities, and monitor local companies and value chains in the priority markets and sectors.
  • Coordinate and manage business projects aimed at the Turkish market, maintaining the standards of quality and service of BasqueTrade and handling relations with client companies during the development of business projects.
  • Coordinate and manage business projects, maintaining direct contact with companies.
  • Organize, coordinate, and accompany businesses and institutional missions that are proposed from different areas.
  • Analysis and identification of business opportunities for Basque exporters and importers.

The salary will be fixed in Turkish Lira. For calculation purposes, the exchange rate will be in force at the time of the signature of candidate’s employment contract.

Candidate requirements:


  • Bachelor’s degree


  • 5 years minimum professional experience in international activities


  • Fluent in Turkish and English
  • Knowledge of Basque and Spanish is desirable

Preferred Skills:

The candidate must possess the following skills:

  • Leadership
  • Communicative
  • Customer orientation
  • Teamwork
  • Organization and planning
  • Versatile
  • Analytical capacity
  • Initiative
  • Motivation

Director at Basque Trade in Turkey