Tesla is Hiring in Turkey

Tesla is hiring in Turkey! One of the most ambitious electric car brands in many markets around the world has taken another step to enter the Turkish market. Tesla has […]

Turkey Ranked First in Gaming Startup Investments

According to a new report by Startup Centrum, Turkey ranked first in gaming startup investments in Europe in 2022. As the data stated in the report, 61 startups received 1.28 […]

The Russia-Ukraine War’s Effect on the Global Economy

Since 24th February 2022, nothing has been the same in the world because of the Russia – Ukraine war. The Russia-Ukraine War’s effect on the global economy seems to be […]

Waterless Washing Machine by LG Electronics Inc.

LG Electronics has just announced their newest smart technology: a waterless washing machine! The R&D department of the company has been working on this technology for a long time. Even […]

IKEA is Moving Its Production to Turkey

Swedish furniture giant IKEA is moving its production to Turkey. The company plans to transfer more production to Turkey to lessen problems with global supply chains and rising transportation costs, […]

Turkish Furniture Industry

The Turkish furniture industry generally has workshop-type, small-scale enterprises that mostly work with traditional methods. On the other hand, especially in recent years, the number of medium and large-scale enterprises, […]

The Chemical Industry in Turkey

The chemical industry in Turkey has been growing rapidly and thus as Europe’s main export and import partner in chemicals, Turkey is an important production center for international investors. Market [...]

Exports of Automotive and Machinery Increased in Turkey

Exports of automotive increased by 7% in Turkey, while machinery exports rose by 32%. The automotive industry Automotive exports increased by 6.4% over the average of the last 10 years […]

The Latest Investments Made in Turkey

According to the head of the Presidential Investment Office, Ahmet Burak Dağlıoğlu, foreign direct investments in Turkey has increased significantly in the first five months of the year. “Foreign direct […]

The First Decacorn of Turkey

Trendyol, one of the world’s leading e-commerce platforms, increased its valuation to 16.5 billion dollars with a new investment of 1.5 billion dollars. Thus, Trendyol became the first technology company […]