Covid-19 – The Beginning of a New Era!

The Covid-19 outbreak has become the number one news story worldwide. This health crisis has taken all markets under its full influence. Sectors offering products/services not considered as basic necessities […]

Sourcing in Turkey After Covid-19

Turkey’s Attractiveness is Increasing Sourcing in Turkey After Covid-19 With a young population and a skilled labour force that is more accessible than in other countries and improved infrastructure, Turkey […]

The Development of Technical Textile in Turkey

Being one of the most significant centers of the world textile industry, the market for technical textiles in Turkey has begun to grow in the last few years thanks to [...]

Textile Industry in Turkey in 2020

Textile industry in Turkey is gaining more importance in 2020. Turkey is one of the largest textiles and clothing producing countries in the world and the 6th most significant supplier […]

The Pharmaceutical Industry in Turkey – 2

In this new article, we will give more details about the pharmaceutical industry in Turkey. Biotechnology – Biotechnological drugs It is one of the most popular investment areas in the […]

The Pharmaceutical Industry in Turkey – 1

The Pharmaceutical Industry in the World Before focusing on the Pharmaceutical Industry in Turkey, it can be said that by looking at the pharmaceutical industry from a commercial perspective, the […]

The Rising Industries After Covid-19 in Turkey

The world-shaking COVID-19 outbreak has deeply injured many sectors while transforming some industries into a different shape. Despite spreading over vast geography, consumption is expected to improve rapidly with the […]

How to protect yourself against the new coronavirus?

The coronavirus, with its new given name Covid-19, has become one of the major problems of the world within the last couple of weeks. The disease first diagnosed in China [...]

Electric Car Production in Turkey

Construction of the car factory for electric car production  would start in May 2020 in Bursa The Managing Director of the TOGG Group, consisting of the companies Kök, BMC, Zorlu, [...]

Ankara will be the capital for the Turkish defence industry

The production centre for the Turkish defence industry was founded in the capital city of Turkey. Ankara Aerospace Industrial zone will be completed in 2022 and it will be the [...]