Over 84,000 New Companies Founded in Turkey in 2019

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In 2019, 84.102 new companies founded in Turkey. More than 86% of the newly established enterprises were joint-stock companies, while 13.6% were joint-stock companies.

The three main areas of activity of the new enterprises were wholesale and retail trade, manufacturing, and construction.

In 2019, 12,634 new companies with foreign partners were established. Most of them, approximately 35,794, opened in Istanbul, followed by the capital Ankara with 8,673 and the Mediterranean city Antalya with 3,778.

Also, during the year, 1,161 new cooperatives were established.

At the same time, the number of newly created enterprises rose by 23.49% year-on-year in December to reach 7,849 enterprises on a yearly basis.

Within the framework of Turkey’s new strategy, it will provide various incentives and support to the business community and professional managers to support new technology companies. Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank announced Turkey’s Industry and Technology Strategy previously for 2023, a roadmap that will help the country become competitive in critical technologies and a significant player in the global league.

The strategy outlines the steps that will increase Turkey’s competitiveness, strengthen its economic and technological independence, and improve value-added production in the industry. It also covers policies to encourage and support the development of the high-tech entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Through the encouragement of business people and professional executives to support new technology companies, the number of angel investors will be more, and the utilization of mass financing will be increased.

Provisions will be established to ensure that angel investors do not limit themselves to financing, and they will also transfer experience and provide actionable advice to entrepreneurs. Thanks to their support and experience, the number of new companies founded in Turkey will increase in 2020.

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Source: http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/

KOSGEB Supports Turkish Women Entrepreneurs

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The Administration for the Development and Support of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (KOSGEB) provided a total of 1 billion 5 million 363 thousand 551 TL between the years 2015-2019 to 55.046 enterprises owned by Turkish women entrepreneurs.

According to the information collected from the KOSGEB data for the year 2020, the institution has intensified its efforts to increase women’s participation in the workforce. There has been a significant increase in the support provided in the entrepreneurship of women.

The President of the KOSGEB, Professor Uzkurt, said that by 2018, they had provided almost 220 million Turkish liras of entrepreneurship support to 11,000 women entrepreneurs. Thus those 11,000 women started their businesses.

He said that many women entrepreneurs developed their businesses in a short time with the support of KOSGEB, and some of them even started importing abroad. At this point, the President of KOSGEB stressed the importance of their support to women entrepreneurs as women entrepreneurs have countless success stories in their support.

The total amount of support for women entrepreneurs, reached to 57.933.100 TL in 2015, increased five times in 5 years and reached 298.285.791 TL by the end of 2019.

The number of businesses owned by women entrepreneurs receiving support has also increased three times in 5 years. While this number was 5.681 in 2015, it rose to 14.978 in 2019.

Within the framework of the KOSGEB support programs, a total of 1.363,000,551 TL was granted to 55.046 enterprises owned by women entrepreneurs in the period 2015-2019, which will be more in 2020.

Source: https://www.borsagundem.com/

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Turkey is Still a Secure Hub for Investors

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The Regional Director of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Group in Turkey, Salah Jelassi, commented on the IDB’s new strategies and Turkey’s current position. “In a climate where investment opportunities are limited worldwide, Turkey continues to be a secure hub for investors,” said Sallah Jelassi, Regional Director of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Group in Turkey.

Jelassi gave an interview to the Anadolu agency, where he commented on global economic issues, the IDB’s new strategies, and Turkey’s current position and future expectations.

“It is difficult to find a country with a strategic position like Turkey’s,” he said, adding that Turkey carries a very high potential to achieve its growth and development objectives.

He went on to discuss global economic problems and stressed that “political issues have created a global crisis. Jelassi said that it is mainly developing countries that are affected by it.

He said that Turkey, compared to other developing economies, has more significant potential.

“We ended 2019 with good news, and I hope this positive trend will continue in 2020 and beyond. In a climate where investment opportunities are limited worldwide, Turkey continues to be a safe port for investors,” he added.

Jelassi went on to discuss Turkey’s activities on the African continent.

“Turkey, which has developed an action plan for Africa, is on the right track. Many member countries of the IDB Group are grateful to Turkey. We believe that the experience of Turkish businessmen will help to realize the potentials of these countries,” he concluded.

As Jelassi stated Turkey continues to be a secure hub for investors in 2020 as well.

Source: https://www.trt.net.tr/

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Canal Istanbul: New Landmark Project of Turkey

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The Turkish Government is working on a new project these days. According to the Turkish President, the European side of Istanbul may soon find itself transformed into an island. As Hürriyet Daily reports, Recep Tayyip Erdogan has reaffirmed his intention to dig a deep canal through the city linking the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara. “We are going to launch the Canal Istanbul very soon,” said the Turkish leader, considering that “it is not possible to reduce traffic on the Bosphorus.”

As Mr. Erdoğan stated; “We, therefore, need an alternative seaway project. All the studies have been done, and we will have no problem financing or building this canal,” the Turkish leader concluded, without convincing the opposition press, which questions the argument that the project will relieve traffic on the Bosphorus. An academic specializing in the issue explained in an interview with the online media outlet Gazete Duvar: “We are living in a period when traffic on the Bosphorus is falling, and the number of accidents is also falling. We are not in a crisis, but on the contrary, in a reduction of risks […] This project does not meet a logistical or urbanistic need, it is only a way to open a huge market to the real estate sector in a sector of Istanbul that is still preserved from construction”.

The ambition is to create a canal about 40 kilometers long, 150 meters wide and 25 meters deep, at an estimated cost of more than 11 billion euros. On either side of this canal, the Turkish president imagines building a “new city.”

The main argument is that this artificial strait would ease traffic on the Bosphorus, one of the busiest waterways in the world, with its risks of collision and accidents. The government also talks about creating 10,000 direct jobs, contributing to the growth of the Turkish economy, and strengthening Istanbul’s position as a world center for maritime trade. The Istanbul Canal is presented as a prestigious project, “one of the biggest projects of the century, incomparable to the Panama Canal or the Suez Canal,” Tayyip Erdogan even said.

Source: https://www.courrierinternational.com/