ERAI Turkey is a successful company based in Istanbul that specializes in supporting the implementation of businesses in the Turkish market.

Analyze your potential

Identifying all the aspects of a new market is crucial for companies before entering it. The best way to understand and analyze a new territory is by working with an expert in that area and requesting fully detailed market research to evaluate the opportunities there.

Each country has its own specific codes in business life as well as in daily life. To find out every detail related to your business in the Turkish market, ERAI Turkey offers you detailed market research so that you can make your evaluations thoroughly regarding your new step to enter a new market.

Choose the best partner

Once you enter a new market, you will be in need of business partners to develop your business. We, as ERAI Turkey, are always ready to make things easier for you by spotting the ideal prospects according to your checklist and preparing a detailed list so that you can make a selection to meet all those potential partners.

We also accompany you during your appointments and present our comments afterward to help you while evaluating each prospect company. ERAI Turkey is your committed guide, and we will do our best to find the ideal Turkish partner for your company to develop its business in the Turkish market.

Ideal workspace for your business

ERAI Turkey’s offices are located in the business district on the Asian side of Istanbul. Everything you will need in an office has already been thought of by ERAI Turkey to provide you the exceptional comfort and quality in a workspace.

Our offices are in the Business Istanbul Plaza which is designed byEfekta Architecture and located in the heart of Istanbul.You can either choose and office room or a desk in our co-working space. We offer you a cozy place in a central location which is easily accessible via public transport.

Besides having a desk in an office, you can also benefit from our virtual office service for your business. Youcan work wherever you are, your legal permanent address will be our office and we will receive your posts/cargos for you!