Management of Business Activities

The tailor-made business management service tends to support companies in terms of their administrative, financial, legal, and commercial activities in Turkey so that they can focus solely on their business development and turnover.

This service is getting highly popular among companies since it is the easiest way to reduce the costs and deal with the bureaucracy less than before.

Business management service provided by ERAI Turkey, which are carried out thanks to the professional team and partners, includes the following areas:

Legal management

ERAI Turkey also makes it possible to centralize legal activities by providing its team of legal experts and consultants from Turkey who have already proven many times their speed and efficiency in the advancement of certain projects that take a lot of time through conventional channels.

Subsidiary creation and administrative management

This service is for any company wishing to set up on the Turkish market with its entity. This action brings together a large number of very heavy administrative tasks that ERAI Turkey team promises to take care of throughout the difficult process while providing its expertise on the creation of subsidiaries for which it has the know-how along with the support of its loyal partners.

Financial & Tax management

Thanks to our financial & tax management service with the support of professional accountants, financial advisors, tax consultants and many partners, ERAI Turkey offers its consultees management of all the financial activities, from payroll management, insurance, taxes, and to various payments to companies that trust it. Our expert tax consultants provide applicable solutions for your company regarding tax and financial legislation. ERAI Turkey supports your company in terms of finance and tax to avoid critical threats to your business financially and protect your company and brand reputation.

Purchasing management

Each company needs specific things to be bought regarding their unique businesses. From the smallest thing to the biggest ones, ERAI Turkey provides the purchasing management on behalf of its clients and finds the most suitable product, service, or whatever they need for the most reasonable price.

IT Support management

ERAI Turkey supports the companies it hosts in its premises with IT management and deals with all the details regarding IT with the support of solution partners. Thus, the consultees do not need to think about IT issues and they can concentrate on their businesses.

Back office management

Our service of managing the follow-up of your sales from Turkey is one of the facets of the ERAI Turkey team. Indeed, many companies have entrusted ERAI Turkey with their back-office service to deal only with sales and marketing to develop their businesses.
This service includes all the following solutions specific to your needs such as; prospecting, making appointments, sending emails, translating brochures or other documentation, sending samples and dealing with the custom procedures as well as taking responsibility for sharing information with your potential customers.