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According to the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Fatih Donmez, it is predicted that more than 1 million electric cars in Turkey will be used in 2030. Electric Cars in Turkey

Along with the local electric car production in Turkey, Donmez says they foresee that by 2030, “1 million electric vehicles will be on the roads. The government will evaluate the effect of the electric cars’ charging points on the distribution network, and we hope to put them into practice.” he stated. Electric Cars in Turkey

Besides the electric cars, the Minister Mr. Donmez noted that “We’ve received 1,300 applications for roof-top installations for roof-top power plants, reaching 800 megawatts from almost 900 industrial plants and 10 megawatts from residences.” He continued. Electric Cars in Turkey

In his statement, the Minister added: “In the last five months of 2019 alone, 696 industrial or commercial establishments have applied to electricity distribution companies with a total installed capacity of 432 megawatts. In homes, 1.187 applications have come in, there is a 10-kilowatt limit in houses, and we have received one application of approximately 11 megawatts. In total, we received 443 megawatts of applications for roof-top applications. In addition, based on the previous system, the number of applicants to install a solar energy system on their roofs is 5,000,402. This corresponds to 1.104 megawatts. However, we have reached 6,206,206 megawatts in all unlicensed GHG applications.” Electric Cars in Turkey

Electric Cars in Turkey

To provide uninterrupted, high-quality electricity, the government will have invested approximately 41 billion Turkish liras in the current transmission and distribution lines during the implementation period 2016-2020. Additionally, as a result of the reforms carried out in the framework of the strategy to become an energy trading center, an investment of more than $100 billion has been made in the energy sector. Studies on the preparation of plans and programs for the implementation period covering the years 2021-2025 for the power sector are also underway. Electric Cars in Turkey

As the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources stated there will be more than one million electric cars in Turkey by 2030 and more people will be benefiting from solar power in their houses and workplaces.

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