Turkish exporters were supported with 3.2 billion TL ($543.2 million) in 2019, which is a record in the history of the Republic, as the Minister of Trade stated.

“We will offer a support budget of 3.8 billion TL to our exporters for the export of goods and services in 2020,” Ruhşan Pekcan told the Anadolu agency.

Pekcan said her ministry is expanding its financial support every year to create new exporters so that exporters can follow their global competitors and assist exporters in creating their brands.

The support is provided in three phases, export preparation, global market update, and the creation of brands and designs, she explained, adding that most of the support packages are also available for service exporters.

The year 2019 has been a “golden year” in terms of support for exporters, Pekcan noted.

“In terms of support payments, we broke the record in the history of the Republic and obtained the highest public support to date for exports, with a total of 3.2 billion lire, of which 2.4 billion lire was for good exports,” she stated.

“In 2020, we have a total support budget of 3,800 million lire for our exports of goods and services, of which 3,100 million lire are for the export of goods.” Our objective is to support our exporters using the entire budget. ”

Applications for support began January 1, she noted.

Last year, 685 million TL were provided under the Turquality program, which supports companies in their branding efforts to become a global player in international markets with their brands, to build a positive image of Turkish goods and services by creating strong brands.

“Currently, 312 companies with 325 brands, 199 of them in the Turquality Program and 126 in the Marka Program, are receiving support,” said Pekcan.

The minister noted that Turkey especially encourages design companies and design competitions, believing in the power of design, which is a crucial element for value-added exports.

“Fifteen design companies, four design offices, and 19 design competitions are supported,” Pekcan said.

“Payments in design support have exceeded 150 million TL in 2019. The most significant indicator that our ministry’s efforts are yielding results is that while the unit price of Turkish exports in 2018 was $1.33, the unit price of exports of the companies that benefited from design support was $13.1”.

Around 13.550 companies were supported with 624.1 million TL ($106 million) in international fairs in 2019, while 170 million TL ($28.8 million) of support was used by Turkish exporters for export company announcements, brand, office, store and warehouse expenses, she continued. In 2019, the ministry also spent 80 million lire ($13.5 million) on market research, membership in e-commerce websites, purchasing committees, and acquisition financing.


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