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Find out how GF Machining Solutions, a major player in the industry, sets up a business in Turkey. Explore the benefits of this collaboration and its impact on the Turkish market. Discover opportunities for growth and innovation through tailored partnership solutions. business in Turkey

Gf Machining Solutions (Gfms) Sets Up Company In Turkey

business in TurkeyGFMS has just set up a subsidiary in Turkey and has therefore chosen this country for its international business development. International suiss- based company GFMS has decided to significantly strengthen its position as a strategic partner for Turkish companies operating in various industrial sectors. These sectors include not only aerospace, automotive and energy, but also electronics, medical and new information and communication technologies (NICT). By focusing on the development of innovative solutions such as high-precision milling, advanced EDM and industrial automation, GFMS is committed to providing cutting-edge technologies tailored to the specific needs of the region.

To achieve this ambitious goal, the international company is focusing on strengthening its local workforce, which is made up of a dynamic and highly skilled team. This approach will enable GFMS not only to increase its production capacity, but also to expand and diversify its services. In this way, the company is able to meet the growing demands of its Turkish partners and provide tailor-made solutions that enhance their competitiveness. By investing in cutting-edge technology and supporting a competent local team, GFMS is consolidating its presence in the Turkish market while increasing its competitiveness in global markets. This global strategy enables GFMS to position itself as a key player in the machining sector, capable of meeting the most complex technological challenges and guiding its partners to new heights of performance and innovation.

By investing in cutting-edge technologies and supporting a competent local team, GFMS is strengthening its presence in the Turkish market while promoting its competitiveness in global markets. This global strategy positions GFMS as a leading player in the machining sector, capable of meeting complex international technological challenges and enabling its partners to achieve new peaks of productivity and innovation. business in Turkey

Doing Business in Turkey

As a leading supplier of complete solutions for precision component and tool manufacturers and the high-tech industry, the Swiss company has decided to expand into Turkey. This wise decision is aimed at increasing its operational efficiency and competitiveness in the global market.
In an ever-changing global economic context, GFMS’ expansion in Turkey reflects the company’s confidence in the growth opportunities of the Turkish market and its desire to actively contribute to the country’s industrial development. With a dynamic, fast-growing market, Turkey offers plenty of opportunities for companies seeking to improve their performance and innovate their manufacturing processes.
Turkey has relatively low labour and production costs compared to other European countries, enabling GFMS to reduce its operating costs and increase its competitiveness. For its part, GFMS is committed to helping its new customers on their path to operational and competitive success. business in Turkey

Turkish Market Overview Business 

  • Economic Attractiveness and Government Incentives Business In Turkey

With its robust economy and attractive government incentives, Turkey is presenting itself as a major hub for industrial and technology investors. GFMS can therefore play an active role in this dynamic ecosystem of business partnerships in Turkey. International companies are benefiting from the most recent technological advances to enhance their own offerings and services.
Thus, setting up in Turkey becomes a gateway to attract new customers for their international business activities.

  • Strategic Location and Investment Prospects Business In Turkey

Turkey’s attraction to investors from around the world is also due to its strategic location. Situated at the crossroads of three continents, Turkey enables companies to expand regionally in a short period of time. This strategic location provides GFMS with an ideal gateway to access new markets and attract new customers, thereby strengthening its international sales activities.
This news also confirms Turkey’s outstanding results in terms of foreign investment. Indeed, Turkey has the wind in its sails for foreign investors: in the European FDI landscape, Turkey is firmly positioned in fourth place. In 2023, it will attract 375 FDI projects. In the first quarter of 2024, FDI flows to Turkey reached $1.5 billion.


Turkey is very welcoming to foreign investment, with a government firmly committed to supporting international investors while respecting national requirements. As a fast-growing economic powerhouse, ranked among the world’s top twenty economies, the country offers a wide range of business opportunities.

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How To Ensure Successful Cooperation?

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