ERAI Turkey is a business development consulting company based in Istanbul, the economic capital of Turkey, which has been supporting international companies since 2006. The business management service is one of ERAI Turkey’ most sought-after services, that form its core business, along with the following services:

  • the search for Turkish business partners,
  • the comprehensive market research in Turkey,
  • analysis of the potential development projects in Turkey,
  • recruiting employees in Turkey,
  • PEO services in Turkey etc.

You can consult the list of all these services offered by ERAI Turkey on its website.

Over the past 10 years, the ERAI Turkey team has very naturally built lasting trust with its loyal customers who, over time, have increasingly delegated more services to their trusted Turkish partner. This led to the spontaneous creation of a unique service in the consulting field: Business Management in Turkey.

What is Business Management Service? What Does It Include?

The tailor-made business management service tends to support companies in the management of a large number of their administrative, financial, legal and commercial activities in Turkey so that they can focus solely on their business development and turnover. The consulting company ERAI Turkey is part of the management of the client company as a consolidating actor of the puzzle, which brings together all the activity around it with the aim of a harmonized and homogeneous coherence.

Business management service provided by ERAI Turkey, which are carried out thanks to the professional team and partners, includes:

  • The creation of subsidiaries and their administrative management

This service is for any company wishing to set up on the Turkish market with its own entity. This action brings together a large number of very heavy administrative tasks that ERAI Turkey team promises to take care of throughout the laborious process while providing its expertise on the creation of subsidiaries for which it has the know-how along with the support of its loyal partners.

  • Legal management

ERAI Turkey also makes it possible to centralize legal activities by providing its team of legal experts from the Turkish market who have already proven many times their speed and efficiency in the advancement of certain projects that take a lot of time through conventional channels.

  • Financial management

Thanks to its financial service made up of professional accountants and many partners, ERAI Turkey offers to manage all the financial activities, from payroll management, insurance and various payments to companies that trust it.

  • Back office management

Our service of managing the follow-up of your sales from Turkey is one of the facets of the ERAI Turkey team. Indeed, many companies have entrusted ERAI Turkey with their back-office service in order to deal only with sales and marketing.

Why Dedicate Business Management to ERAI Turkey?

Having a single service provider for different activities is always an undeniable advantage. It makes it possible to consolidate and maintain the harmony and homogeneity of the various departments of the company. In addition, ERAI Turkey is one of the few consulting companies in Turkey to offer so many varied services under one roof, which facilitates the relationship with the client company.

This business management, which brings together a large number of tasks that activity must perform in order for it to function properly, especially abroad, is a laborious task that consumes a lot of time, money and energy, three very precious elements when developing a business. Today, ERAI Turkey is, therefore, proposing to consolidate and delegate these tasks, which are delaying the successful development of its customers’ turnover.

For more information on this unique service in Turkey, do not hesitate to consult our page on ERAI Turkey’s services or by contacting us via the form on this contact page.

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