The Turkish authorities have begun construction of a new metro line for New Istanbul Airport which is between Istanbul’s financial district, Gayrettepe, and theNew Airport, as the Daily Sabah daily reported on Sunday.

“We did not neglect the transport problem when we built the New Istanbul Airport. In addition to bus transport from the city, we have started construction of a metro line connected to all public transport (in Istanbul),” said the President Mr. Erdoğan at the opening ceremony of the construction.

Mr. Turhan, the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, stated that “the construction of Istanbul Airport simultaneously with the construction of the airport’s infrastructure during the construction of the check-in area has started. Stating that they have established the metro infrastructure between Gayrettepe and Istanbul Airport as a ministry, Turhan said: “Our goal is to eliminate the shortage of transport means to Istanbul Airport by offering this line service in 2020. We are building the infrastructure of the railway system between the new airport and Halkalı. We also completed the delivery of the square in March. In 2022, they will be in operation,” said the minister.

Istanbul Airport is located on the city’s Black Sea coast. Passengers can currently take a one-and-a-half-hour bus to the airport or pay about 100-150 lira ($17-25) to taxis in the central districts.

52.6 million passengers, including 12.7 million domestic passengers, used Istanbul Airport in 2019, stated in Daily Sabah.


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