The Covid-19 outbreak has become the number one news story worldwide. This health crisis has taken all markets under its full influence. Sectors offering products/services not considered as basic necessities were affected by the sharp decline in turnover. The decline in consumption due to social isolation and the deterioration of the supply chains of production companies have put many sectors operating in many sectors in a problematic situation. On the other hand, there has been an increase in demand in the food, retail, e-commerce, chemical disinfectants, and software industries.

In recent days, the signals that “the crisis will soon be under control” have begun to be expressed more effectively. It seems that after the crisis, we will encounter a “NEW NORMAL LIFE.” We will see and experience how much truth there is in this theory because nothing will be the same anymore. On the other hand, if there is one thing we must trust at this stage, despite all the difficulties we are facing, it is the moment of survival of the human being (which is clearly different from the other species with which we share this world), adapting to the new conditions, and establishing a new world order.

After this Covid-19 crisis, probably our business models will change. Not everyone will be able to turn the crisis into an opportunity: some sectors will be negatively affected, perhaps they will not even be able to overcome this crisis, while other industries will bring new opportunities. However, the only thing that will not change will be the continuity of human beings’ desire for existence. And this is, in fact, the most important driver of change. It is unthinkable that there is a virus capable of resisting this will. The important thing is to manage the desire with the existing difficulties and to know how to direct it. This is something that only human beings can do, unlike the billions of creatures with whom we share our planet.

The ERAI Turkey team works with this desire for change and transformation. At the dawn of a new era for business, we have anticipated and begun to work on adapting new ways of doing business. We took our first step by making a more dynamic and smarter site, no doubt that our innovations will continue!

News #1 – New design for our website!

Our website now has a new look!

Due to the unprecedented Covid-19 health crisis and the exceptional circumstances we are going through, most companies have encouraged their employees to work from home, to limit travel and contamination risks as much as possible.

We have taken advantage of this period to improve our online presentation, notably by carrying out a total renewal of our website. After several weeks of work and reflection, the new ERAI Turkey website is finally online!

A new responsive interface adapts the reading to all screens, making the information more readable, especially on smartphones or tablets.

The main contents and shortcuts remain similar but the modern and minimalist design gives an image more in line with today’s dynamism.

Enjoy your visit!

News #2 – Check our latest newsletter!

You can download our latest newsletter: #Covid 19 The Beginning of a New Era!

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