Nearly 50% of professionals from the private sector are working remotely today. An activity formerly dedicated to self-employed freelancers has become democratized at the same time as the digital transition and the disappearance of workplaces in favor of virtual offices. Today, working physically from China on behalf of a company based in Turkey is possible and even privileged and ERAI Turkey offers virtual office in Istanbul, the city where the heart of business beats. In this article, we will see what the virtual office is, how this concept helps businesses to access success and how to take advantage of this service in Turkey.

What does “Virtual Office” mean exactly?

The virtual office allows small and medium-sized businesses that do not demand physical offices to outsource some of their needs. In fact, without their nomadic employees (commercial agents, for example) needing a fixed workspace, the service provider provides them with a prestigious virtual address, a telephone hotline, and a call redirection or call forwarding service. Thanks to these services, the company can receive letters and calls without renting official premises. In other words, the provider offering the virtual office service offers the company a physical identity at a lower cost.

How does this service help businesses perform better?

In addition to the low costs of the virtual office, the business retains the impression of a traditional, high-cost office and infrastructure. Employees can work from home, at their clients’ premises or in suburban offices, while maintaining the prestige reputation that the virtual address often offers in luxurious workplaces. In addition, the lack of bureaucracy and space also makes it possible to hire fewer staff (reception assistants, cleaning staff, etc.) as well as to make significant savings while concentrating all its assets on the productivity of nomadic employees. As a result, revenues are better redistributed, and the company focuses on its business and development only.

What types of businesses can benefit from virtual office service?

The flexibility and many benefits of a virtual office allow many businesses to increase their productivity and sales. Here are some examples of companies:

  • Anyone who starts a business and does not want to use their home address and mobile phone number on their documents
  • Professionals who work in their clients’ offices but still need to maintain an independent identity
  • Companies expanding into new countries and regularly sending employees there.
  • Companies that need a receptionist or a standard but do not want to take any risks, expenses and hassle of hiring an employee etc.

How to benefit from the virtual office in Istanbul?

ERAI Turkey has been providing virtual office services for more than 10 years and has already hosted more than 100 companies from a wide variety of sectors. To benefit from this service and access the services of virtual office in Istanbul, in a prestigious plaza in the business district of the Asian side, do not hesitate to make a simple request via the contact form.

For more information on virtual office service in Istanbul, visit the ERAI Turkey service page.

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