Enka and Tekfen Construction companies signed contracts for two important projects they have undertaken abroad. The authorities stated that the agreements signed by the two companies are approximately 600 million dollars. ENKA and TEKFEN Constructions’ New Projects Abroad

The two Turkish construction companies signed two critical contracts abroad. Enka Construction signed a $ 360 million contract for natural gas power plant construction in Tatarstan. On the other hand, Tekfen Construction signed a $ 237 million contract for refinery modernization and renovation project in Azerbaijan.

Enka Construction has undertaken the construction of the 858 MW natural gas power plant to be built in Tatarstan. Enka Construction has signed a contract of 360 million dollars. According to the statement made by Enka Construction to the Public Disclosure Platform, the natural gas plant will be completed in December 2023.

Tekfen Construction signed a contract for an essential job from Azerbaijan. An agreement was signed as a subcontractor within the scope of Haydar Aliyev Refinery’s Modernization and Renovation Project B Package via Azfen JV, a 40 percent subsidiary of the company. The price of this contract, signed by Tekfen Construction, was announced as $ 237 million.

The fact that the two Turkish construction companies will undertake such significant investments was welcome in the sector. The fact that Turkish firms are very effective abroad in the construction industry positively affects foreign firms’ initiatives abroad. ENKA and TEKFEN Constrçuctions’ New Projects Abroad

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