ERAI Turkey is in its new office!

By 2nd November 2017 July 9th, 2019 ERAI Turkey services

There has been a sweet rush in the corridors of ERAI Turkey for a couple of months during summer and now it has come to an end because ERAI Turkey is now settled in its new office!

The new premises of ERAI Turkey is a lot bigger, more comfortable and much more luxurious than before! ERAI Turkey has a full floor and a terrace of its own and the whole place is decorated by an interior designer to provide comfort to all the team members and the guests. Moreover, in this new office, you can find 9 spacious offices in different sizes and different capacities and 4 co-working spaces:

  • 5 offices of 12 m²
  • 3 spacious offices with 20 m² space each
  • An open space area for 6 people
  • 1 office of 14 m² area
  • 1 office of 6 m²
  • A fully equipped open kitchen
  • A beautiful terrace of 100 m²

Along with the excitement of a new place, ERAI Turkey team has the honor and pleasure to welcome you to the Business Istanbul Plaza. Business Istanbul Plaza is located in the district of Göztepe on the Asian side where all the business centers are gathered together.

If you are interested in having a room or an open office place in this prestigious office, you can see all the details here or you can see the photos of the office on this link. ERAI Turkey is also hosting your business meetings in its spacious meeting room where 12 to 16 people can be accommodated accompanied by snacks and beverages. To see the details of conference rooms please check this link.

In case you haven’t met ERAI Turkey yet, click here to see all the services provided by the team of experts and choose the most appropriate one for you and you can see the references from here.

ERAI Turkey opens its doors and welcomes all the interested firms and the guests as well to enter the international environment where all the road ends meet.

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