Facebook is Opening 8 Offices Around Turkey

By 10th January 2020 News about Turkey

Facebook is preparing to open eight offices in Turkey, of which the center will be in Istanbul. The first office will be opened in Bursa in January to discover young entrepreneurs. Each of the offices will be established in different cities.

Chairman of the Commodity Exchange of Bursa Ozer Matlı stated that the opening of the Facebook offices in Turkey is affiliated with TOBB and the Association of Habitat. The center for the studies is determined as Istanbul, Matli said, yet Facebook went to 8 different cities to open the other branch offices.

Mr. Matlı, Chairman of Bursa Commodity Exchange, as well as the presidency of Turkey Chambers and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB) Board Member, explained that thanks to this office, young entrepreneurs, will be able to initiate new projects in digital media. Mr. Matlı stated that they signed a protocol with one of the universities in Bursa concerning Facebook’s office and said that young people would start to develop digitalization-based business models with the studies in the near future.

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