Turkey is located between the two continents: Asia and Europe. The life in Turkey is influenced by many different cultures that’s why it is not easy to describe what it is like to live here in a few words. Although Turkey is close to the Middle East geographically, the lifestyle and culture are closer to the European culture.

We have prepared a series of articles for all the foreigners to comprehend Turkey in a better way. In each article, we will explain different aspects of life in Turkey!

life in Turkey

Turkey has a lot to offer to newcomers. If you moved to Turkey recently or planning to move, you should take a look at our blog in order to see what to expect from Turkey. %15 of 80 million population of Turkey consists of young people. As a result, there are tons of things to do especially for young people.

The living standards, particularly the low cost of living, is very attractive for foreigners. Actually, Turkey is the 7th best country for expats according to the Expat Explorer Survey which was attended by over 18.000 people from 163 countries.

For various reasons, younger expats prefer living in big cities of Turkey such as; Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Antalya, etc. whereas retired people mainly prefer small cities or towns in the Aegean part of Turkey which are close to the seaside.

In our article series, we will explain different aspects of life in Turkey including;

  • How to find a job in Turkey
  • Business life
  • Healthcare system
  • Banking system
  • Driving license & traffic regulations
  • Accommodation & transport in big cities vs. small cities.

We believe once you start your new life in Turkey you will adapt quite quickly with the help of delicious Turkish cuisine, nice weather and friendly Turkish people!

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