ERAI Turkey’s General Manager Simay Soylu stated in her interview that; “Business relations between Turkey and France are getting better every year, even under the changing circumstances.”

Since 2006, ERAI Turkey has been actively involved in business development projects of French companies as well as introducing the Turkish market to them. ERAI Turkey has been contributing to the development of Turkish-French economical relations and behind this successful process; there is a multi-cultural team with 12 years of experience. ERAI Turkey offers market research, competitor and product analysis, partner research, hiring employees for companies, payrolling and office service, setting up a company or a production facility, etc. to its clients. ERAI Turkey provides the same services to Turkish companies who are interested in entering the French market. General Manager of ERAI Turkey, Simay Soylu, answered our questions about the company who contributed more than 35 million Euro to Turkish economy directly or indirectly with more than 200 projects within these years.

This interview was published on 2 March 2018 in the Turkish national newspaper Hürriyet, under the heading “France-Turkey Trade Exchanges”.

  • What is the current situation of Turkish-French collaborations at the moment and which sectors are interesting for French companies in the Turkish market?

France is the 6th country that makes a direct capital investment to Turkey. More than 500 French companies provide more than 50.000 employment. Most of the French companies are large-scaled and they are making investments in important sectors such as automotive, automotive supply industry, energy, food, construction, insurance, banking-finance, etc. On the other hand, France has strong SMEs in aeronautics, medical instruments, medicine, dermo-cosmetics, industrial equipment, and material design, machinery, and plastics sectors which are needed by Turkish companies. We have been working to introduce the Turkish market to those companies in order to actualize their projects and make the process easier.

  • What kind of companies prefer ERAI Turkey?

At first, the company was set as French Development Agency Turkey Office and in 2015 the office was completely turned into a Turkish company. Our company’s specialty is SME consultancy. ERAI Turkey offers tailor-made services to the French companies who are willing to enter the Turkish market with specific projects. Our company provides the most efficient solutions for the French SMEs and for the large-scale companies or start-ups we offer especially recruitment and payroll services. After so many years in this sector, we help and guide all types of French companies who are motivated, honest and innovative with an entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Why is ERAI Turkey a different consultancy company?

After 12 years and numerous research and business development projects in many different sectors; we have a wide business network and our most important difference is our to the point solutions for each and every project of our client companies. Our young and dynamic team has the motivation to evaluate all the cases as if their own. This leads to success undoubtedly.

  • What are your future plans and growth targets?

In the long term, ERAI Turkey aims to be the first name that comes to minds of dynamic and innovator French companies who would like to come to Turkey or Turkish companies who would like to go to France. For detailed information please check

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