PEO in Turkey

Discover the professional employer organisation PEO in Turkey, the solution to work in Turkish for a French employer who has no local business structure. PEO services is one of the best ways to optimize your expatriation to Turkey.

Introduction to Turkey

PEO in TurkeyLiving as an expat in Turkey has many advantages. To make this experience easier, the PEO in Turkey simplifies administrative management, ensuring smooth settlement and compliance with local regulations. A PEO in Turkey is an administrative simplification for smooth settlement and compliance with local regulations. The PEO is an ideal solution for professionals considering an expatriation to Turkey, as it allows them to benefit from a local employment contract while retaining the advantages of an employee status in France.

What is a PEO?

Definition of PEO: PEO is a work system that combines the advantages of self-employment with those of traditional employment. It allows expatriates to work under the auspices of a host company, which manages all the administrative and financial aspects of their employment contract. This system offers several benefits to employees, including financial stability and social security.

Companies are increasingly choosing PEOs for a number of reasons: saving time, reducing costs, complying with regulations and reducing liability.

The PEO service in Turkey provides a high level of security and flexibility for human resources. It also allows the company to adapt quickly to growth and staff shortages. It is an effective way to test the Turkish market by outsourcing recruitment for a period of time through a competent local structure.

In addition, every company in Turkey is required to hire five Turkish employees for every foreign employee. For example, if a company has 25 Turkish employees, it can hire 5 foreign employees.

Therefore, using a PEO company can avoid this heavy restriction.

Benefits of PEO in Turkey

It is recommended for companies to outsource the HR mission through a PEO service to a PEO company based in Turkey. The benefits of PEO for professionals in Turkey are numerous:

Benefits of PEO for Employed Employees

1. Financial stability and security: the employed employee receives a fixed monthly salary based on the tasks performed.

2. Social security: Expatriates in Turkey enjoy full social coverage and social benefits such as health insurance and the right to retirement.

3. Optimized and simplified administrative management: the carrier is responsible for administrative, tax and accounting tasks. Expatriation to Turkey is therefore simplified.

4. Flexibility: the ability to choose projects and tasks according to their competence and interests.

5. Professional independence: the employed employee enjoys the benefits of working independently in the context of his/her missions in Turkey while being the security of being an employee of a company.

6. Networking: the expatriate has access to an extended professional network through the carrier company. Expatriation in Turkey represents a great opportunity to develop your professional network.

Benefits of PEO services for Employers

1. Contractual flexibility: the employer in France has the possibility of hiring professionals for specific tasks for a specific duration and without the constraints of an open-ended contract.

2. Risk reduction and minimisation: the company reduces its administrative and legal responsibilities in relation to direct hiring, allowing it to focus exclusively on developing its business.

3. Privileged access to specialised talent: The PEO facilitates the recruitment of skilled talent in a variety of fields without having to go through highly complex recruitment processes. It is the PEO company that facilitates the recruitment process.

4. Cost Optimisation: The PEO service reduces social and administrative costs.

5. Market testing: The company has the opportunity to expand its activities into new markets without creating local structures (SA, SARL or representative office).

PEO process

Here are the different steps to set up a PEO contract:

1 – Contact ERAI Turkey, the expert PEO company in Istanbul.

ERAI Turkey has a multilingual team. The PEO company ERAI has become the 1st choice of international companies on the Turkish market. ERAI Turkey offers a range of customised and complementary solutions.

2 – Explain your project in detail to ERAI Turkey, which will offer you a tailor-made solution.

ERAI adapts the PEO contract to your needs. This solution includes negotiating the terms of the contract, including salary, assignments and benefits. Signing the PEO contract with the carrier.

3 – Publication of the job offer

Once your offer is published, you can use ERAI’s recruitment / headhunting services to find the perfect profile for your assignments. ERAI Turkey ensures the best match between client needs and consultant skills.

4 – Invoicing and payment

The carrier company invoices the client and organises the payment of the salary to the employee after deducting the administration costs.

5 – Setting up a PEO contract

ERAI manages the administrative and fiscal aspects of the assignments, ensuring full compliance and facilitating the process for the consultants.

Use cases and examples

ERAI Turkey is an ideal partner for PEO solutions. To introduce you to PEO in Turkey with ERAI, here is an example of PEO to Turkey:

NTN-SNR is a leading global manufacturer specialising in bearings, linear modules, homokinetic joints, encoders, tenders, vehicle spare parts, maintenance products and related services.

NTN is a European leader in industrial production. In 2006, NTN expanded its operations in Turkey to enter a new market. To do this, NTN partnered with ERAI Turkey and used the PEO to facilitate this expansion. Thanks to ERAI’s comprehensive support, NTN initially hired an employee in Turkey and received full support to operate effectively in this new market.

Very pleased with the success of its partnership with ERAI Turkey, NTN decided to increase the number of local staff. Today, the company has ten employees in Turkey, with ongoing support from ERAI.

ERAI Turkey offers comprehensive and complementary services, welcoming all employees in luxurious offices located in the main business district on the Asian side of Istanbul.

There is also the option of a virtual office. The virtual office concept, which emerged in the 1970s, allows companies to benefit from a legal address without requiring the physical presence of employees. In Turkey, this system encourages remote working and increases productivity. ERAI Turkey provides virtual office addresses for international companies, offering a comprehensive service including call management, delivery and reception of consultants.

Other types of contracts for expats in Turkey

Discover the key differences between PEO and other expatriation contracts, such as self-employment and digital nomad contracts, to choose the best solution for your Turkish expatriation project.

Digital Nomad in Turkey

Becoming a digital nomad, a growing trend, offers a great deal of freedom by allowing you to work remotely while choosing your place of residence. Turkey, with its connectivity and affordable cost of living, is an attractive option.

Digital nomads often offer services such as web development, graphic design and digital marketing.

Make sure you are administratively in order, both in France and Turkey, in terms of visas, taxes and contributions. Freelancing before travelling can ensure the sustainability of your business model.

Find a local contract job in Turkey

Seeking work abroad through a local contract is an ambitious option for young people, involving full immersion with a work contract in the destination country. Multinational companies often offer attractive conditions, but their demands can be high. In addition, obtaining a work visa requires administrative procedures.

In Turkey, sectors such as chemicals, automotive and information technology can offer interesting opportunities. An expatriation with a local contract allows for deep social and cultural integration. For this type of contract, it is always possible to rely on a local partner.

Services related to PEO

It is best to enquire about other PEO services, which are usually provided by the same companies that offer PEO.

Recruitment in Turkey

PEO in TurkeyPEO companies usually offer a recruitment and headhunting service in Turkey to find the ideal profile for PEO positions. It is possible to send them your CV and be included in their database. ERAI Turkey offers a recruitment service in Turkey for all international companies wishing to work with local professionals in the Turkish market. ERAI Turkey has mastered the art of selecting the best candidates for the positions offered by companies looking for the ideal person.

The recruitment process in Turkey

  • Interview with the company wishing to recruit in Turkey in order to understand the exact issues and profile sought and to develop an advertisement according to the company’s criteria.
  • Publication of the job offer on the ERAI Turkey networks and on the English and French websites, as well as shared with the profesionnal network of ERAI.
  • Collection of CVs and identification of suitable candidates.
  • Initial interviews with candidates conducted by ERAI Turkey.
  • Preparation of a shortlist and report on the views of each candidate.
  • Organise second interviews in the presence of the employer company.
  • Follow up the process until the final recruitment.

Obtaining a work and residence permit in Turkey

If the employee is a non-Turkish national working in Turkey, he or she will inevitably need a work permit to live and work in the country, a service also offered by this type of company.

Some important information about obtaining a work permit in Turkey

  • An individual cannot apply for a work permit. The application must be made by a local company.
  • If the foreign worker is already in Turkey, he or she must have a residence permit for 6 months and this permit must be valid when applying for a work permit at the Directorate.
  • If the foreign worker is in another country, the application must be submitted to the Turkish Consulate in the country where he or she is.
  • All documents must be submitted to the Ministry of Labour and Social Security within 6 days of the employer’s application for a work permit.
  • The employee’s family may be granted a residence permit.

Wage Management Service

Payroll services include all processes and administrative tasks related to the payment of employees in a company. This includes the following tasks: calculating wages, deductions and contributions, issuing pay slips, managing absences, monitoring holidays, etc.

Why entrust the payroll management of an international company to a business management company in Turkey?

  • Regulatory compliance: A local Turkish partner is familiar with local laws and regulations and ensures payroll compliance.
  • Cost reduction: Outsourcing payroll can be more cost effective than having a dedicated internal team.
  • Time saving: The consultancy handles all the administrative tasks, allowing the company to focus on its core business.
  • Local expertise: Local consultants have in-depth knowledge of Turkish working practices and culture.
  • Flexibility: Payroll management can be adapted to the changing needs of the business.
  • Security: Outsourcing these tasks to a specialised company reduces the risk of error and fraud.


PEO in TurkeyIn summary, there are many advantages to a PEO in Turkey. PEO in Turkey allows expatriates to retain the benefits of a French contract while working locally for a French employer with no structure in Turkey. A Turkish PEO company acts as an intermediary and hires the employee locally. This system is advantageous for testing the market or developing low-risk activities. It is suitable for engineers and businessmen, offering flexibility and social security, while making it easier to obtain work and residence permits.

Want to know more about PEO in Turkey? Do not hesitate to comment, share or ask your questions below. For more information, please contact us by mentioning “Contact PEO Turkey”. We are here to help you at every stage of your project.

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