What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a marketing method with a high rate of preference which is more advantageous than the traditional marketing methods thanks to today’s technology world where you can promote your products or services in an online environment.

It is the newest and most developed open marketing method today. The leading companies of this efficient marketing method using digital channels, social media, and mobile platforms.

Online marketing is gaining more importance for companies day after day since the future of marketing rests on digital marketing. Companies that do not care about or make investments in digital marketing may fall behind their competitors in terms of sales and better customer relations.

What are the means of digital marketing?

When it comes to online marketing, as the name itself refers, the marketing platforms are all online channels.

  • Websites
  • Social media platforms
  • Blogs
  • Online catalogs
  • Online presentations
  • Online meetings

Content is the king!

In online marketing, content is the only tool to present a company to its audience. Content may be text, a photo, or a video about the company or its products/services. Content marketing gives the company a chance to introduce itself to more people from different consumer groups.

However, no matter how effective the content is, if that content is not visible to many people, it will not be as effective as it should be.

Social media has become one of the best marketing tools to increase the brand awareness of a company via a strong digital marketing strategy. The most effective social media channels are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Pinterest, and Instagram. All these channels have different aspects, and they are all used for different purposes targeting different audiences.

What are the advantages of social media advertising?

Social media advertising refers to all kinds of advertising made on social media channels. Nowadays, a company that wants to be known by wider audiences, has to be active on social media channels and invest in social media advertising.

Thanks to social media advertising a company can reach its target audience easily and quickly. To conduct a sustainable digital marketing strategy working with social media, experts are quite important.

Main advantages of social media advertising:

  • Easy to reach,
  • Quickly shared and viewed,
  • Low-cost budgets,
  • Easy to measure the interaction,
  • Simply controlled,
  • Pinpoint targeting

Digital marketing solutions by ERAI Turkey

Digital marketing is no longer a choice but a must for brands. Using different online marketing techniques for both individual and corporate needs has become a fundamental issue. With our team of experts, we support our clients with their online existence in Turkey. Behind almost all of our customers’ online activities, you can see our signature. Our team consists of multilingual and experienced members; thus, we provide strong communication with our clients.

Some of the services we provide:

Digital marketing strategy planning

Content marketing

Email marketing campaigns

Facebook advertising campaigns

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) analysis of your website

Local SEO

Website design and development

LinkedIn advertising campaigns

Social media marketing/management and advertising

Video marketing

Website chat services

Let ERAI Turkey’s digital marketing team support you to develop a strategy for your online marketing activities to attract more qualified visitors to your site that result in leads and sales. For more details, contact us and begin your online journey with us!

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