The best time to purchase a boat

“Is there a better time of year to purchase a boat?” is a question that we are often asked and deserves to be nuanced. You can make good deals and take advantage of bargains at any time of the year. Anyway, during the off-season (autumn/winter), a purchaser will benefit from the best market conditions. Conversely, it is in spring and early summer that it will be more advantageous for a seller to sell his boat.

During this period, boat dealers want to free themselves from unsold units to make way for the new models of the next season. For the buyer looking for a ” good deal “, this is where the shopping should begin. But this time of year also coincides with boat shows and exhibitions when most manufacturers and dealers are under one roof, face to face in almost perfect competition.

Two avenues to purchase a boat

The consumer wishing to take advantage of the best time to buy a boat faces two joint avenues: 1) go to a dealer in the autumn (October, November, December). 2) visit a boat show during the winter months (January, February, March).

Autumn at a boat dealer

The autumn is an excellent time to start shopping at a boat dealer for many reasons.

First of all, the most significant discounts and price reductions appear in the autumn. Dealers offer substantial reductions in their inventory of new and used boats instead of bearing the financial burden throughout the winter. In addition, by lowering inventories, they can order and make room for new products from the manufacturers they represent.

It’s not just price reductions that should entice a buyer to deal with a dealer in the autumn; Beyond the price, the buyer who already owns a boat will be able to trade in his boat and often avoid storage fees. He will also take advantage of the off-season to have the equipment and accessories of his choice installed and ensure that he takes delivery in time for the new boating season.

The period of boat shows and exhibitions

The most crucial feature of boat shows is that they bring together most of the major manufacturers and the dealers who represent them in one place. For each of the different boat categories, the participating dealers and exhibitors take advantage of this event to present the new models and exhibit the most popular boat inventories in a tangible format. In addition, there are engine manufacturers (inboard and outboard), distributors of marine equipment and accessories, and a wide range of services related to the boating industry. Boat shows also have a social character as thousands of boaters from different regions meet and talk about boats and dream about their next purchase.

The choice to purchase a boat

For the consumer who is thinking to purchase a boat, boat shows are an ideal opportunity to see and compare a wide variety of models… so more choices!

Information to purchase a boat

In addition, because the shows bring together most of the major players and representatives of the boating industry’s products and services under one roof, the consumer can get all the information he or she needs to plan the next boating season quickly. Whether the subject is insurance, financing, boat registration and licensing, marinas, home ports, lock schedules or other issues, all information is readily available.

Best prices and best conditions

Generally, financing conditions, prices and sales conditions are better during the boat show period. As all dealerships face each other in a healthy competition, they offer significant discounts on previous year’s inventory or offer enticing promotions to stimulate the sale of their new arrivals.

Optimize your visit to the dealer or a boat show before you go to purchase a boat.

Prepare your visit to purchase a boat

Before coming to the show, spend some time on the internet and find out which brands and models of boats interest you and meet your needs. Make a note of the regional dealer that represents each of these brands.

Since you will have to compare boat brands and different engines, formulate, in short, the questions you will ask during your visit.

The price will, of course, be the focus of these comparisons, so expect the asking price to be between 5 and 10 % below that suggested by the manufacturer or the price displayed on the internet. You can also get the addresses of the respective boat builders and dealers sites by simply typing their name on a search engine.

Have a strategy and a game plan

Choose the right day to visit and talk to a representative. In general, the show’s beginning is the best time to get the full attention of a representative.

– First, visit the models that interest you;

– Be sure to ask for the boat brochure or take pictures;

– Note the prices and discounts offered;

– Don’t stick strictly to the price! Please take note of the quality of the boat offered and the conditions surrounding its sale (service and guarantees).

N.B. In general, promotions can last up to one or two weeks after the show period.

Meet a dealer and make an appointment

The quality of a boat is related mainly to the quality of the dealer who represents it. Good dealers know their product very well, explain warranties clearly and are known for their excellent after-sales service. Find out more and take advantage of your visit to the show to meet a dealer. Please don’t be embarrassed to ask questions; the dealers or their representatives are competent professionals who can answer all your questions and advise you objectively.

Unless you are absolutely sure of your decision to buy, do not decide under the impetus of a first visit; make an appointment at the local dealer with whom you want to do business. This sage approach will allow you to mature your decision and will help you better know your dealer.

Last word

The off-season period is undoubtedly the best time of the year to purchase a boat. In autumn, boat dealers want to lower their inventory and reduce their price while offering the consumer interesting conditions.

The period of boat shows and boat exhibitions is also a good time to buy one. Due to the wide variety of models, competition between exhibitors and the entire range of services, the consumer has the advantage of choice, easily accesses all the information and benefits from the best prices for the best conditions. Also, to enjoy the fairs, the vigilant buyer should prepare his visit by determining his expectations in advance.

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