Defense Industry in Turkey

The defense industry in Turkey has witnessed remarkable growth over the past few decades, positioning the country as a significant player on the global defense stage.

The Defense Industry in Turkey

This article delves into the evolution and current state of the defense industry in Turkey, highlighting its key players, technological advancements, international collaborations, and future prospects.

An Overview of the Defense Industry in Turkey

Turkey’s defense and aerospace sector has undergone a profound transformation in recent years. Turkey has the 16th largest defense budget in the world. With substantial investments and strategic initiatives, Turkey now boasts one of the most advanced defense and aerospace industries in the world. In 2023, Turkey’s defense exports reached an impressive $3.2 billion, with significant contracts signed across Asia, Africa, and Europe. The first half of 2024 alone saw a 21.6% increase in defense and aerospace exports.

In 2022, Turkey’s total defense expenditure stood at $10.6 billion USD, while the defense and aerospace industry generated revenues of $12.2 billion USD. The civil aviation sector also saw substantial growth, with total revenues reaching $35.8 billion USD, supported by a fleet of 642 aircraft and 182.3 million air passengers.

Growth and Development in Turkey’s Defense Sector

Increased Defense Spending

Turkey has significantly increased its defense budget, now allocating approximately $20 billion annually. This increase reflects the country’s efforts to modernize its armed forces and develop a self-sufficient national defense industry.

Rising Autonomy

Turkey aims to reduce its dependency on defense imports by developing robust domestic capabilities. The Turkish Defense Procurement Agency’s policies have enabled the defense and aerospace industry to become highly self-reliant. Over the past decade, local industry capabilities have grown to meet about 80% of the Turkish Armed Forces’ military system needs, a significant increase from just 20% in the early 2000s.

Leveraging Local Suppliers

Turkey has traditionally relied on local suppliers for its defense needs, developing a range of products from tactical wheeled and armored vehicles to the ALTAY main battle tank. Locally produced armored vehicles, such as OTOKAR’s COBRA-I and COBRA-II, NUROL MAKİNA ve SANAYİ’s EJDER YALÇIN, and BMC’s MRAP KIRPI, are widely used by the Turkish military and have proven reliable and attractive to other nations.

Key Players in Turkey’s Defense Industry


ASELSAN is one of Turkey’s largest defense companies, specializing in electronic systems, communications, and electronic warfare technologies. Recently, ASELSAN signed several significant international contracts, including a $79.3 million defense systems deal. During the EFES 2024 exercise, ASELSAN showcased the YENER mine detection system, which, alongside the ÇAKI interrogation arm system mounted on the KİRPİ-II EOD vehicle, effectively neutralized detected mines and IEDs.


ROKETSAN focuses on missile and rocket systems, collaborating closely with ASELSAN and other Turkish companies to develop advanced technologies.


HAVELSAN is a leading company in software and simulation systems. Its recent contract to secure Romania’s maritime borders underscores the growing international impact of Turkey’s defense industry.

Technological Innovations in Turkey’s Defense Industry

ASELSAN’s Innovations

ASELSAN is at the forefront of developing cutting-edge technologies such as Kuantum, Deringöz, and Gökberk, aimed at enhancing the country’s defense capabilities.

Investment in R&D

Turkish defense companies are heavily investing in research and development, focusing on advanced technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), autonomous systems, and cybersecurity.

AI Innovations in Turkey’s Defense Industry

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

Turkish companies like Baykar have developed sophisticated drones, such as the Bayraktar TB2, which utilize AI for autonomous operations, target identification, and real-time decision-making. These drones have been successfully deployed in various military operations, showcasing their advanced capabilities and effectiveness.

AI-Based Navigation and Geolocation

Link Robotics, a pioneering Turkish company, focuses on AI-based navigation systems that enhance the mobility and efficiency of military vehicles and robots. These systems enable precise localization and navigation, crucial in complex and dynamic combat environments.

Autonomous Combat Vehicles

Turkey is also at the forefront of developing autonomous ground vehicles equipped with AI for navigation, target acquisition, and combat operations. These vehicles improve operational capabilities and reduce risks to human soldiers, demonstrating Turkey’s commitment to advancing autonomous military technology.

Integration with European Defense Projects

Technological advancements in Turkey’s defense sector are further supported by international collaborations, such as the European-funded STORE project. Coordinated by Thales, this project aims to build a secure shared image database and develop AI algorithms for analyzing data from ground platform imaging systems.

International Partnerships and Collaborations

Collaboration with Gabon

Gabon has recognized Turkey’s advanced defense capabilities and has chosen to collaborate with the country to meet its defense needs. Therefore, Gabon has turned to Turkey for its defense needs, signing agreements for technology acquisition and personnel training. This collaboration about the defense industry in Turkey reflects a strategic partnership between Turkey and Gabon, where both countries benefit. Gabon gains access to cutting-edge defense technology and expertise, while Turkey strengthens its international defense ties and expands its influence in Africa.

Participation in International Summits

Turkish defense companies actively seek investment opportunities abroad, particularly in the United States, highlighting their ambition to integrate further into the global market. ndeed, US companies are interested in the potential of the defense industry in Turkey, recognizing its rapid growth, innovative technologies, and strategic geopolitical position. This interest is reflected in increasing collaborations, joint ventures, and investment opportunities, as American firms seek to leverage Turkey’s advanced capabilities and expanding market in the defense sector.

Partnership with Saudi Arabia

Recently, Saudi Arabian Military Industries (SAMI) signed three memoranda of understanding with Turkish companies to support the localization of defense industries in Saudi Arabia. These collaborations include drone manufacturer Baykar for UAV systems, ASELSAN for electronic defense technologies, and Fergani Space for emerging space sector technologies.

Challenges and Opportunities in Turkey’s Defense Sector


Despite its successes, Turkey’s defense industry faces challenges such as technological dependence and geopolitical pressures. Regional conflicts and tensions with global powers can influence priorities and affect investments. Turkey must continue to invest and maintain high innovation levels in the defense sector. The defense industry in Turkey concentrates on these challenges but continues to push forward with innovative solutions and strategic investments, ensuring that it remains a formidable force in the global defense market.


With a robust industrial base and strong government support, Turkey is well-positioned to continue its growth and emerge as a global leader in the defense sector. Turkish defense products are gaining popularity, particularly in Arab countries, due to Turkish companies’ openness to sharing expertise. Even before 2022, Ukraine had signed strategic agreements with Turkey, contributing to the progress of Turkey’s defense industry.

Conclusion: A Strategic Future

The defense industry in Turkey is on a promising trajectory, marked by rapid growth, technological innovation, and expanding international collaborations. With continued investment and strategic initiatives, Turkey is set to solidify its position as a global defense leader, offering significant opportunities for international investors and partners. defense industry in Turkey

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