On-site Assistance

At ERAI Turkey, we understand the critical role efficient administrative support plays in the success of your business in Turkey. That’s why we offer comprehensive on-site assistance in Turkey to meet all your operational needs. Our dedicated team is ready to handle your daily administrative tasks, including call reception, correspondence management, and appointment scheduling. We provide personalized support to streamline your work, allowing your employees to focus on more strategic and productive tasks. Whether you require assistance with routine operations or professional organization for meetings and events, ERAI Turkey is your trusted partner for seamless administrative management. Benefit from our local expertise and network to ensure smooth operations and strengthen your presence in the Turkish market.

Opening a Commercial Office in Istanbul (Without Legal Entity)

With our services, you can immediately start your business in Turkey without creating a legal entity, which can be time-consuming and bureaucratic. Before establishing a legal structure, you can explore the market, conduct calculations, and analyze until you achieve your goals and concentrate on your business activities. ERAI Turkey handles all administrative matters on your behalf, allowing you to focus on your company. We can find the most suitable local candidate for your business and assist you in obtaining work permits for your foreign employees.