On-site Assistance

ERAI Turkey’s Business is Evolving!

Some tasks can be complex, tedious, and time-consuming for a professional. In such cases outsourcing your secretariat and receiving on-site assistance, service reduces your workload, and at the same time, you do not need to worry about small details, and you can solely focus on your business. ERAI Turkey offers on-site assistance service (secretariat) for your company and deals with all the things which may hinder your concentration.

Since 2006, we have been meeting our customers’ needs who are residents of our offices to provide them flexibility by offering tailor-made services including but not limited to the followings:

  • Welcoming guests, receiving calls,
  • Organization of business trips (hotel reservations, plane tickets),
  • Supporting employees for their business visa procedures,
  • Mail delivery,
  • Sending samples,
  • Handling of import and export transactions,
  • Follow-up of customs procedures
  • Organizing the meeting room

In order to decrease above mentioned and other similar small but time-consuming works, you can benefit from our on-site assistance service, and thanks to this service you only need to think about how you can develop your business in Turkey. On-site assistance service will save your time, and this will keep you away from the distractions. This service’s primary purpose is to create the most effective working environment for the companies who only want to concentrate on their business instead of losing time on small things.
You can check our references who have already experienced the advantages of receiving our services specially designed and shaped according to their needs.