Some testimonials from our clients…

The ERAI Turkey team has the honor of being able to achieve a rate of satisfaction close to 100% from its customers since the beginning of its activity in 2006. Here are some testimonials of the most loyal customers of ERAI Turkey:

  • Company: Huntsman
  • Sector: Textile Chemicals
  • Period and detail of the service received: Huntsman team hosted by ERAI Turkey August 2018 – April 2019

We have been hosted by ERAI Turkey for almost a year and we have been working in a very friendly environment thanks to their hospitality and professionalism. They helped us with everything we needed which made things easier for us during our stay and we felt the comfort of their presence around us. We only focused on our business and they also offered their support in finding our permanent office location. We are very thankful for the time spent in their office and we can recommend their services.

  • Company: Rexor
  • Sector: Plastic film converter for Luxury, Food, Industry and Security markets
  • Period and detail of the service received:Partner Research + Commercial Tour organization & accompaniment in 2019

We have been interested in the Turkish market and would like to find out our potential in the sector. We contacted ERAI Turkey and would like them to detect the potential clients and then organize a commercial tour with their accompaniment.  We had successful meetings which were organized to the finest details. ERAI Turkey’s team helped us with everything and made a brilliant follow-up. The project managers who managed this project were very enthusiastic, resourceful and result oriented. We would like to continue to benefit from their professional guidance in the future as well.

  • Company: Breyner
  • Sector: Expert in green finishing for textile industry
  • Period and detail of the service received: Partner Research and Market Analysis in 2018

We worked with ERAI for our Distributor research in Turkey mainly. Actually, we are starting a partnership with a local company and we really thank ERAI for their professionalism and reactivity. It was so great to work with ERAI Team during this time!

  • Company: BTC AG
  • Sector: Business Technology Consulting
  • Period and detail of the service received: Commercial Tour Organization and RoadShow Organization in 2018

We came across with ERAI Turkey while we were looking for a support to develop our activities in Turkey.  Their experienced team organized our commercial tours and thanks to them we have contacted the correct people and started our project immediately. We would like to continue working with ERAI Turkey for our future projects!

  • Company: Alertgasoil
  • Sector: Fuel Measurement Tools
  • Period and detail of the service received: Coached and hosted by ERAI Turkey since the beginning of 2017

“In search of an office in Turkey to host our innovative SME in this territory under a V.I.E contract, ERAI Turkey has been able to respond efficiently both in terms of quality of services and commercial level to our expectations. Installed since early 2017, we enjoy operational and legal support in an optimal working environment!”

  • Company: Stepan Europe
  • Sector: Manufacturer of specialty and intermediate chemicals
  • Period and detail of the service received: Coached and hosted by ERAI Turkey since 2016.

ERAI Turkey is providing us a flawless hosting completed by excellent commercial and regulatory services, ERAI Turkey’s team is very professional and sincere, moreover always next to you. ERAI Turkey energizes our ongoing business activities perpetually.

  • Company: CGP Coating
  • Sector: World leader in anti-slip coatings, specialist in packaging solutions
  • Period and detail of the service received: Coached and hosted by ERAI Turkey since 2016.

“The best thing about working with ERAI is; they are focusing on how things can be done, not on how they can’t be done. ERAI collects many different sectors under the same roof which creates synergy and contributes the employees as well. On top of this, there is a really friendly and warm working environment. Highly recommended!”

  • Company: Robertet
  • Sector: French leader in the design, production, and marketing of fragrances, flavors, and natural raw materials
  • Period and detail of the service received: Umbrella company services by ERAI Turkey in 2016

“We worked with ERAI Turkey to set up our sales force in Turkey. We were impressed by the efficiency and quality of their services. This structure makes it possible to join this market simply and quickly. Thanks to them, we were able to succeed in a very short time. Thank you and congratulations for this great job! “

  • Company: SP solutions
  • Sector: Consulting agency
  • Period and detail of the service received: Supported and hosted by ERAI Turkey since 2016

“I have been working in ERAI office for a couple of months and I have to say that, ERAI team has been very welcoming to me! Their knowledge in Turkish business and import/export business are also very helpful! The atmosphere is very friendly but however professional. Thanks to them! And hopefully, we will be more and more to join ERAI family tomorrow.”

  • Company: Infor
  • Sector: Computer Software Company
  • Period and detail of the service received: Supported  and hosted by ERAI Turkey since 2012

“We have been renting offices at ERAI Turkey since early 2012 and are very satisfied with the quality of the service as well as the positive and pleasant atmosphere of the office.”

  • Company: Omerin Group
  • Sector: Manufacturer of insulated electric wires and cables
  • Period and detail of the service received: Supported and hosted by ERAI Turkey since 2013

“Working with Erai is a unique experience. Indeed, the premises of ERAI are the crossroads of several companies. Everyone works for their own business and we share our experiences on a daily basis. This, of course, creates synergy in a friendly and professional environment.”

  • Company: Flexelec
  • Sector: Manufacturer of flexible heating cables and elements
  • Period and detail of the service received: Supported by ERAI Turkey from 2013 to 2015

“I worked in the ERAI office for 15 months. I can say that ERAI has an excellent team under the direction of Simay. She is results-oriented and has a solid working character. She coached me on analyzing the needs of the Turkish market in order to find effective perspectives and networks. In addition, it helps a lot when you need motivation. I am lucky to have worked with her and her team in a peaceful and friendly atmosphere.”

  • Company: Techné
  • Sector: Manufacturer of seals
  • Period and detail of the service received: Supported and hosted by ERAI Turkey from 2010 to 2014

“Established for some years in Turkey through ERAI Turkey, we have received a complete hosting service more than satisfactory. Offices met our expectations in terms of space and equipment. Our choice was made on ERAI Turkey thanks to the location of their offices, located in one of the most central places in Istanbul.”

  • Company: Campingaz
  • Sector: Gas barbecues manufacturer
  • Period and detail of the service received: Supported by ERAI Turkey from 2010 to 2015

“We have applied ERAI Turkey several times for the development of our sales in the Turkish market. We were very satisfied with the solutions provided by ERAI Turkey and plan to keep benefiting from their expertise in future years.”