Business Development

Validation of Markets

ERAI Turkey can validate the potential of your business in Turkey via market research, sector analysis, validation of contacts, roadshow organization or exploration tour. We can always shape our services according to the needs and demands of your company. For Details

Partner Search

The search for the ideal partner in Turkey is a crucial step for you. Depending on your selection criteria, we will make every effort to find your distributor, sales representative, supplier, potential customers, and interest for your products / services in Turkey. For Details

Back Office Management for Sales

ERAI Turkey offers you a back office service which will support the deployment of your activities in Turkey and this will allow you to delegate important tasks to professionals already on the spot with knowledge of your problems and the most suitable communication and development techniques in Turkey. For Details

On-site assistance / secretariat

Some tasks can be complex, tedious and time consuming for a professional. ERAI Turkey offers on-site assistance / secretariat services for your company and deal with all the things which may hinder your concentration. For Details

Setting up a business (w/o a legal entity)

You can establish your company in Turkey even without creating a legal entity yet acting as a legal company and do your business thanks to our implantation service. We offer you a wide range of very complementary services. For Details

Creation of a Subsidiary

Do you have a project to create an subsidiary in Turkey? Or are you interested in mergers and / or acquisitions of Turkish companies? ERAI Turkey is on your side to successfully lead your project. For Details