Business Management

Creation of a subsidiary company

ERAI Turkey is at your disposal to achieve your business goals. With an extensive experience of over 5 years, our team supports the administrative duties of your project. More than 30 subsidiary companies were established in Turkey by international companies thanks to our specialized support.

Legal and administrative management

As for financial support, ERAI Turkey offers a support service to the legal and administrative management of your subsidiary in Turkey. We can assist you through a network of attorneys and powerful local managers.

Financial management

ERAI Turkey offers a team of financial advisors during and after the creation of your Turkish subsidiary. You will have expert advice and a clear and simple explanation of the procedures to finance your newly created company.

Back Office Management for Sales

ERAI Turkey offers you a back office support service which will support the deployment of your activities in Turkey. This service includes prospecting, making appointments, sending emails, translating brochures or other documentation as well as taking responsibility for sharing information with your potential customers. This activity will allow you to delegate important tasks to professionals already on the spot with knowledge of your problems but also communication and development techniques in Turkey.

Why trust us?

Turkey is a procedural country with its own language, customs, and a unique administration. Our specialized team has succeeded in creating many subsidiaries.  Check our references here.