Partner Search

Search for business partners

The ideal partner search in Turkey is a crucial step for you. Depending on your selection criteria, we will make every effort to find your distributor, sales representative, supplier, potential customers, and interest for your products / services in Turkey.

We help you see your prospects:

As mentioned in the Exploration tour, you are not alone during your interviews. We guarantee on site assistance during your appointments throughout Turkey. You will benefit form the ease of communication at the hands of ERAI Turkey’s diverse and experienced team of intermediaries committed to help find a suitable arrangement for both parties.

Search for industrial partners (sourcing)

The search for a reliable means of production in a safe environment is over. Turkey has many advantages such as its proximity to France, its strong industrial background and its affordable labor cost. We understand your needs and we are ready to help.

ERAI Turkey can assist and guide you to find a partner that best matches your needs. Contact us for more details.

Why is our partnership valuable to you? 4 reasons!

  1. More than two hundred companies are 100% satisfied with our partner search service and have very successful businesses in Turkey today!
  2. ERAI Turkey holds a database of over 10,000 Turkish companies, accumulated over 10 years.
  3. ERAI Turkey has a strong network in all sectors
  4. We will not stop until we find the perfect match for you!
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