Partner Search

Business Partner Search

The ideal partner search in Turkey is a crucial step for foreign companies. Depending on the criteria of your company, our expert team starts working on making a list of potential local companies that can be a:
• distributor,
• sales representative,
• supplier,
• potential customer(s), etc.
for the consultee company. After the list is completed, then they are contacted one by one by the ERAI Turkey team. Once all the companies reached and evaluated, a shortlist is created. At this stage, ERAI Turkey team is continuously in touch with the consultee to choose the best options to meet.
We support you during your meetings with your prospects:
As mentioned in the Exploration tour, we always support our consultees during your meetings. We guarantee on-site assistance during your appointments throughout Turkey. You will benefit from the ease of communication at the hands of ERAI Turkey’s diverse and experienced team. You will only focus on your meetings since the rest will be handled by our team. As intermediaries, we are committed to helping you to find a suitable arrangement for both parties.