As ERAI Turkey, we are very well positioned in this area. We can support our clients from A to Z. Since we are coming from an industrial background, we can easily understand the needs of our clients and thanks to our expertise in the field, we can find perfect fits for the companies.

We provide human resources management services such as the management of your staff, from drawing up their pay slips to managing their leave; recruitment management with headhunting as well. We also offer professional assistance in obtaining work permits for your foreign employees.

What advice would you give to companies based in Turkey about their accounting and finance issues?

Accounting, Finance and Reporting

Most companies operating in the Turkish market face problems of misunderstanding when dealing with local accountants. As accounting and legislation differ in various respects in Turkey, it makes sense to work with a local partner who has experience of working with international companies and has a team able to answer questions in foreign languages in English or in French.

In this context, expertise is essential to navigate the financial and accounting complexities associated with expansion. Here are the tasks you can delegate to ERAI Turkey:

  • Financial feasibility assessment: We can carry out in-depth financial analyses to determine initial costs, projected cash flows, etc. This helps you make informed decisions about the viability of the project.
  • Financial structuring: In order to structure your expansion from a financial point of view, we can include the search for subsidies linked to your activity, optimisation of the capital structure, currency and exchange risk management, tax planning and other aspects linked to financial management in Turkey.
  • Setting up accounting systems: As a business grows, it is important to establish accounting systems that are adapted to local requirements. We can help you set up efficient accounting systems, define accounting procedures, develop internal control policies and ensure compliance with local accounting regulations.
  • Treasury and financial risk management: Our team helps companies to effectively manage their local treasury and associated financial risks. This can include cash flow management, foreign exchange risk management, credit risk management, the implementation of cash management and risk control policies, and the use of financial instruments to mitigate risk.
  • Regulatory compliance: We support companies in complying with local accounting, tax and financial regulations. We can advise on reporting requirements, tax obligations, local accounting standards, banking regulations and other relevant regulatory aspects.


Tax and Legal Advice; Corporation & Business Law

We are supported by lawyers and legal experts. Here are some of the tasks we can undertake for your company:,

  • Tax planning: Our experts help companies develop planning strategies to optimise their tax position. This can include minimising corporation tax, managing cross-border tax liabilities, using tax treaties, structuring operations to reduce the tax burden, and managing the tax risks associated with expansion.
  • Tax compliance: When companies expand abroad, they must comply with local tax regulations in each country where they operate. Our experts can help you navigate Turkey’s specific tax requirements; prepare and file tax returns; manage periodic tax obligations; and ensure compliance with local tax rules.
  • Legal structuring: We can structure your local activities from a legal point of view. Our experts can advise you on the different legal forms of setting up in Turkey, such as the creation of subsidiaries, joint ventures, partnerships, franchises, branches, or the acquisition of existing businesses. They examine the legal and tax implications of each option and help you choose the most suitable structure.
  • Setting up legal entities: When a company expands, it often needs to set up separate legal entities in the target countries. Our experts help you set up these entities by advising on local legal and regulatory requirements, preparing the necessary legal documentation, facilitating registration procedures and ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations.
  • Corporate governance: We advise companies on establishing a sound corporate governance structure for their local operations. This can include putting in place governance policies, codes of ethics, decision-making procedures, disclosure policies and other governance mechanisms to ensure transparency, accountability and compliance with local standards.
  • Contract drafting and negotiation: Our experts support companies in drafting and negotiating local contracts, such as distribution agreements, licensing agreements, franchise agreements, joint venture agreements, partnership agreements, international sales agreements, supply agreements, confidentiality agreements, and other commercial agreements. They ensure that the company’s interests are protected and that contracts comply with local laws and commercial practices.