The tailor-made business management service tends to support companies in terms of their administrative, financial, legal, and commercial activities in Turkey so that they can focus solely on their business development and turnover. This service is getting highly popular among companies since it is the easiest way to reduce the costs and deal with the bureaucracy less than before.

Business management service provided by ERAI Turkey, which are carried out thanks to the professional team and partners, includes the following areas:

Back-Office Management

Our service of managing the follow-up of your sales from Turkey is one of the facets of the ERAI Turkey team. Indeed, many companies have entrusted ERAI Turkey with their back-office service to deal only with sales and marketing to develop their businesses.

This service includes all the following solutions specific to your needs such as; prospecting, making appointments, sending emails, translating brochures or other documentation, sending samples and dealing with the custom procedures as well as taking responsibility for sharing information with your potential customers.

Export/Import Management

Export/Import management refers to the process of coordinating and overseeing the international trade activities of a company or organization. It involves the planning, execution, and optimization of importing goods from foreign suppliers or exporting products to foreign markets. Successful import/export management requires a deep understanding of international trade regulations, logistics, and market dynamics. Here are the key aspects of import/export management:

  • Market Research and Analysis:
  • Identifying potential foreign markets for exporting products or sourcing goods from foreign suppliers.
  • Analyzing market demand, competition, and regulatory requirements in target countries.
  • Export/Import Compliance:
  • Ensuring compliance with all relevant international trade laws and regulations, including export controls and import tariffs.
  • Securing the necessary licenses and permits for importing and exporting goods.
  • Logistics and Transportation:
  • Coordinating the movement of goods from the supplier’s location to the importing country or from the manufacturer’s location to the export destination.
  • Optimizing transportation routes and modes to reduce costs and delivery times.
  • Customs Clearance and Documentation:
  • Preparing and submitting the required customs documentation for both import and export shipments.
  • Handling customs clearance processes to ensure smooth movement of goods across borders.

Effective import/export management requires a coordinated effort involving multiple departments. ERAI Turkey works with import/export agents or freight forwarders who specialise in logistics and international trade regulations, streamlining the process and ensuring the success of import/export operations. If you entrust this task to us, you will have a single point of contact for all these tasks.

Stockage/Warehouse Services

ERAI Turkey aims to be the solution partner of the companies that need warehousing services. ERAI Turkey targets to help its customers to reduce the total costs of all corporate warehousing and logistics operations. This service offers operational logistics and warehousing management in a central location that improves the process for such procedures for the customers thanks to the expert team and modern equipment in the facilities.

ERAI Turkey invests in workforce, technology, knowledge, and infrastructure to carry out warehousing services perfectly. Services we offer:

  • Cross-dock, project and temporary storage operations
  • Warehouse operations supported by expert software (Warehouse management system)
  • Process analysis and optimization
  • Management of the entire process from vehicle reservation to loading & billing
  • Barcode and RF Assisted Operation.
  • All-owned, industry-specific warehousing services
  • High quality added value services
  • Storage of products in appropriate conditions according to their characteristics
  • Electronic tracking of all stock management services from the first entry to the warehouse to the shipment
  • Stock validation with weekly-monthly counts
  • Operation with KPI and Scorecards
  • Customized solutions according to the customer’s needs
  • Preparation and shipment of orders on a unit basis, parcel basis and pallet basis
  • Zero stock loss with Systemic Management
  • Spare parts stock management and shipment
  • Procedures, reporting, blocking for damaged/lost materials
  • Empty case/pallet management sent by customers and suppliers
  • Special rack systems, assembly benches design and PDI service according to customer needs
  • Repacking & returns processes