Discover Our Recruitment Service in Turkey

Since 2006, ERAI Turkey offers a recruitment service in Turkey for the service of all companies around the world who would like to work with local professionals in the Turkish market. ERAI Turkey has developed into the art of selecting the best candidates for positions proposed by companies looking for the ideal person. We are good at finding the most appropriate employee for the businesses which may be in different industries or service providing businesses.
ERAI Turkey recruitment team dedicated to finding the best candidates through Turkey ensures a very sharp human resource service, with the techniques used by the world’s leading recruitment agencies. Our working methods have proved their success with our many satisfied customers who received a recruitment service in Turkey.

Why entrust your recruitment to ERAI Turkey? 6 reasons to rely on us:

Our plus: The PEO service (Professional Employer Organization) is also part of our skills

  • ERAI Turkey has already had the experience of recruitment a huge number of employees in senior or junior positions successfully both for local and foreign companies who work internationally.
  • Our specialty comes from immense knowledge of each industry in detail thanks to our expertise and wide range of network consisting of private and public institutions, foundations and associations.
  • 100% satisfaction expressed by our customers so far!
  • Perfect knowledge of the recruitment procedure in Turkey
  • We adapt each request and offer personalized service on a case by case basis.
  • ERAI Turkey has a competent team dedicated to the recruitment service.

The recruitment procedure briefly explained in a few steps:
• Interview with the company wishing to hire in Turkey to know the issues and the exact profile sought and developed an advertisement according to the criteria of the company
• Sharing the announcement on ERAI Turkey networks, as well as websites in English, Turkish and French but also on network of jobs previously selected according to the budget
• Collection of CVs and identification of suitable candidates
• First interviews with candidates made by ERAI Turkey
• ERAI Turkey prepares a shortlist and reports its opinions of each candidate and shares with the employer company
• Organization of the second interviews with the presence of the employer company
• Follow-up of the hiring