Setting up a business

You can benefit from our implantation service in order to set up your company in Turkey even without creating a legal entity yet acting as a legal company and do your business thanks to our services which includes the following for setting up a business in Turkey:

You can immediately start your business in Turkey with our services. We can find the most suitable local candidate for your business or help you to get work permit for your foreign employee and help him/her to start working as quickly as possible.

ERAI Turkey has a database of more than 1000 CVs and we expand our research via headhunting on career websites. In order to choose the most suitable candidate for your company we conduct the first interview. After finding and agreeing on the employee, we provide PEO services thanks to which you do not need to worry about bureaucratic procedures. As a complementary service, we can provide an office place to your employee where he/she can solely focus on his/her work while ERAI Turkey team deals with everything else.

We offer you a wide range of very complementary services. You only need to choose the best one/s that suit your needs.