Setting Up A Business

Setting Up A Business (w/o a legal entity)

You can benefit from our implantation service to set up your company in Turkey even without creating a legal entity yet acting as a legal company and do your business thanks to our services which includes the following to set up a business in Turkey:

  • Hosting / office rental for your local team
  • PEO / Umbrella Company services ( Professional Employment Organization) / Umbrella Company Services PEO services
  • Management of obtaining work permits for foreign employees
  • Coaching of employees
  • Virtual offices
  • Recruitment
  • Business and finance management services
  • Tailor-made solutions on demand

You can immediately start your business in Turkey with our services without creating a legal entity which requires time and effort due to the bureaucratic issues. Before the establishment of a legal structure, you can investigate the market and make your calculations and analysis until you reach your targets and focus on your business activities. ERAI Turkey deals with all the administrative issues on your behalf and you can concentrate on your business. We can find the most suitable local candidate for your business or help you to get a work permit for your foreign employee(s) and help him/her to start working in Turkey for your company as quickly as possible.