Validation of Markets

Market Research

The best way to analyze and understand the relevance of a market and identify opportunities worth seizing is to examine complete research of the market while in the discovery phase. We divide the study into two parts: country analysis and industry analysis, in order to give you an appropriate idea about the validation of the market.
Market research is strongly advised to understand the market in Turkey better as it has its codes regarding language and diverse culture. In order to locate and qualify on-site opportunities, sales prospecting / finding leads is undertaken during the study. Many potential clients will be contacted on your behalf during this stage.

Validation of Contacts

Thanks to its multi-cultural, multi-lingual, and experienced team equipped with efficient analysis tools, ERAI Turkey can help you with the validation of your business contacts in Turkey via a process of checking and confirming their reliability and financial stability. ERAI Turkey can also provide local support to contact them and negotiate on your behalf. At the end of the mission, we provide you with a detailed report and a financial report which includes the necessary information about the companies together with their financial situation including ERAI Turkey’s comments.

Financial Report

Each and every company would like to find out the financial situation of a possible partner before starting the collaboration. Thanks to our high-quality financial report service, we help our consultees to be able to rely on their potential business partners with a report appropriate to the International Financial Reporting Standards. ERAI Turkey acts as a CFO Advisor to its consultees and keep informing them about the regulations, new processes so that they can achieve their targets in a risk-free way.

Roadshow Organization

Do you want to organize a promotional tour to present your products in different cities across Turkey? ERAI Turkey is an expert in the organization of this type of one-off operational events, also called Roadshow. It’s a great way to bring together your:
• distributors,
• dealers,
• end customers,
• potential customers
and present them with your current ranges or new products. The Roadshow in Turkey can also be an opportunity for you to train your local partners. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about the Roadshow organization in Turkey.

Exploration Tour

After determining and identifying the potential profit of the market and identifying potential leads for your business, we will meet with your business prospects in what is called the exploration tour. This step is critical as you are about to make crucial decisions while entering into a foreign market with a diverse culture, codes, and language!
Our team has assisted many local and international companies in the field for many years and thus has the knowledge to deal with intercultural communication. We are here to support, advise, and guide you through the exploration tour. By assisting you through this unique voyage, we will determine the rest of your business endeavors in Turkey.