Virtual Office

Virtual office concept first appeared in the 1970s, and since then, millions of companies have benefited from this service around the world.

If a company has a virtual office address, the employees don’t need to sit at the office from 9 to 6, and they can work wherever they are as long as they have their computers and phones with them. In Turkey, more and more companies are switching to this system and freeing their employees, and as a result, their productivity increases. Having a virtual office makes things easier for the company owners and the employees who would love to work remotely.

We offer virtual office address to international companies and usually as a complementary service. Your company will have a legal address, and it will be registered to that address officially at a minimum cost. ERAI Turkey’s team will answer your calls and receive-send your cargos, and your guests will be welcome by ERAI Turkey team.

You will benefit from a prestigious address in the business district of the Anatolian side of Istanbul, which is located near the international motorway E5 and very close to all the means of transport (metro, bus, minibus, etc.). When you need a physical office to work or a meeting room to have a meeting, ERAI Turkey is ready to help you to make the organization.

Once your company is registered with ERAI Turkey’s address, we will answer your dedicated phone on your behalf, receive/send your cargos or posts, and when you need an office or a meeting room, ERAI Turkey will provide you with them as well.