Warehousing Services

Warehousing Services

ERAI Turkey aims to be the solution partner of the companies that need warehousing services. ERAI Turkey targets to help its customers to reduce the total costs of all corporate warehousing and logistics operations. This service offers operational logistics and warehousing management in a central location that improves the process for such procedures for the customers thanks to the expert team and modern equipment in the facilities.

ERAI TURKEY invests in workforce, technology, knowledge, and infrastructure to carry out warehousing services perfectly.

Services we offer:

  • Cross-dock, project and temporary storage operations
  • Warehouse operations supported by expert software (Warehouse management system)
  • Process analysis and optimization
  • Management of the entire process from vehicle reservation to loading & billing
  • Barcode and RF Assisted Operation.
  • All-owned, industry-specific warehousing services
  • High quality added value services
  • Storage of products in appropriate conditions according to their characteristics
  • Electronic tracking of all stock management services from the first entry to the warehouse to the shipment
  • Stock validation with weekly-monthly counts
  • Operation with KPI and Scorecards
  • Customized solutions according to the customer’s needs
  • Preparation and shipment of orders on a unit basis, parcel basis and pallet basis
  • Zero stock loss with Systemic Management
  • Spare parts stock management and shipment
  • Procedures, reporting, blocking for damaged/lost materials
  • Empty case/pallet management sent by customers and suppliers
  • Special rack systems, assembly benches design and PDI service according to customer needs
  • Repacking & returns processes

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Our Additional Services


We provide purchasing service with the materials for packaging and consumables for customers to whom storage services are provided.

Preparing the Documents

In the product shipment carried out from the warehouse, the documents that the product owner company must legally arrange are arranged with the company’s authorization.

Organizing Set of Products

ERAI Turkey’s team combine the products stored in the warehouse to create sets during the campaign periods of the customers.

Partial Production

ERAI Turkey is providing partial production services in finalizing the product, such as Private Labeling packaging productions, production of special containers for the promotional period, installation of accessories, and additional parts for the product for end-user needs customers to whom warehousing services are provided.

Labelling – User Manual Supplement

ERAI Turkey provides labelling of both import and export products following the legislation of the end-user country or in line with special requests of the Customer and/or adding user manuals while providing delivery services to vehicles for transportation.

Protective Additional Packaging

ERAI Turkey offers additional protective packaging services according to the packaging requirements in vehicles for transporting the products shipped from warehouses with different transportation models.

Personnel Recruitment and Management

Evaluating the qualified and/or unqualified workforce needs of the customers, especially to be used in temporary project works, within the project’s scope and realizing the organization and management of short-term employment when necessary.

Our Advantages

  • No Time Limits!

You can receive our storage service for as long as you want.

  • No Space Limitation!

Flexible storage options and large storage areas.

  • No Unnecessary Costs

You do not have to bear the surprise costs after starting the business. Everything is clear from the beginning and fixed by contract. In addition, our team and equipment are always at your service.

  • Goods Acceptance and Delivery Service

With our professional staff and equipment, you can easily solve the loading and unloading of your products.