LG Electronics has just announced their newest smart technology: a waterless washing machine! The R&D department of the company has been working on this technology for a long time. Even the idea of the product has already attracted the attention of technology giants and environmentalists. Stating that the company has started working on a washing machine without water and detergent, the company plans to use an interesting method in terms of sustainability.

One of the biggest problems of our time is undoubtedly climate change. There are many threats brought about by climate change. LG has also taken an important step in this direction.

The South Korean technology giant has announced that it has started to develop a washing machine that works without water and detergent. Having managed to attract the attention of environmentalists and other companies in the industry, LG states that it will test the mentioned washing machine for two years. If no problems are detected in the machine during this period, it is planned to be put up for sale.

It has been learned that the technology behind LG’s waterless and detergent-free washing machine is ‘carbon dioxide conversion’. To put it simply, it works like this: carbon dioxide, which is in the gaseous form inside the machine, is turned into liquid as soon as it is started and the laundry is washed. Then, when the washing process is finished, it is turned into a gas again, so that the same process can be applied in the next washing.

In this period of the digital revolution, there is a huge difference in perception and priority between generations. While it is said that the world will not be the same again with the pandemic, it is an accepted fact that the priorities of the new generation will be different with the Z generation. Research shows that the environment is at the top of the agenda of this generation, which is called the Z generation. Generation Z, which forces companies to be environmentalists, has a decisive role in the way brands pay attention to environmental sustainability. That’s why the creation and mass production of a waterless washing machine will be a huge step on this road.

In this perspective, Turkey has an important potential since the country is the biggest household appliances producer in Europe and second in the world. Turkish household appliance brands are globally well-known in hundreds of countries. Arçelik, Vestel, Beko are some of the important Turkish brands and only in 2020 29,2 million pieces of products were manufactured in Turkey. %75 of this production was exported to hundreds of countries. There are also important global brands that have their production facilities located in Turkey. The household appliances industry employs 60.000 people directly and once auxiliary industries, authorized services and call centres are included this number increases to 600.000 employees.

For more information about the household appliances industry in Turkey, you can visit the White Goods’ Manufacturers’ Association of Turkey‘s website.

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