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Office Rental

ERAI Turkey offers luxurious offices located in the largest business district on the Asian side of Istanbul.

With quality services and exceptional comfort, you can focus on productivity and the development of your business in Turkey. We provide a welcoming and cozy workspace and services to help you achieve success in your projects and goals!

The office has been specially designed for ERAI Turkey by an interior designer in order to create a modern, comfortable and functional office. Every detail of this office has been considered to frame a cozy and friendly environment.

If you are interested in renting one of our offices, please contact us for your further questions and to get a quotation through our contact form.

Office features

ERAI Turkey offers a total capacity of 500 m² space and can accommodate 30-35 people in total, on a full floor of luxurious Business Istanbul Plaza. Find 9 spacious offices in different sizes and different capacities and 4 co-working spaces.

Note that: These co-working spaces are separately located and suitable for companies with up to 10 teammates.

  • In the heart of the office, an open space area for 6 people and one more open space area for 2 people are available in independent places.
  • 1 office of 14 m² area where 4 to 5 people can work together is available.
  • Besides, 1 office of 6 m² is suitable for a team of 2.
  • The center of the office is occupied by a spacious and equipped meeting room that can host 12 to 16 guests.
  • The open kitchen is fully equipped and ready to serve with its door opening to our pleasing terrace.
  • Our beautiful terrace with 100 m² open area perfect for working in the fresh air and enjoying the sunshine, is at the disposal of ERAI Turkey’s co-workers.
  • Outside the office, a spacious lobby is accessible with comfy sofas where you can socialize with other people and have a dessert with coffee from the café and feel like you are home.
  • First of all, you can find 5 offices of 12 m² that can accommodate 2 to 3 people in each, 15 people in total.
  • ERAI Turkey also provides 3 spacious offices with 20 m² space each where 10 people (maximum) can work together.

Our Location

The Business İstanbul Plaza, designed by Efekta Architecture, offers a unique alternative to the business world with its innovative architecture and comfortable office life to the ones who want to take part on the top of business life and to be in the most central location of Istanbul regarding transportation.

The choice of Erai Turkey office’s location which is in the center of Istanbul and very close to the E5 highway, bridge and tunnel to cross to the European side of Istanbul, is due to the suggestions of our tenants and their businesses. Our location is close to ferries, fast access to the motorway, and ease of movement to the industrial areas of Gebze, Kocaeli, Sakarya, and Bursa.

Many companies are moving to the Asian side for the unquestionable ease of mobility, including many French companies such as L’Oreal, Pierre Fabre, Peugeot, BNP Paribas, Carrefour, Total, and others.

Virtual office

Virtual office concept first appeared in the 1970s, and since then, millions of companies have benefited from this service around the world.

If a company has a virtual office address, the employees don’t need to sit at the office from 9 to 6, and they can work wherever they are as long as they have their computers and phones with them. In Turkey, more and more companies are switching to this system and freeing their employees, and as a result, their productivity increases. Having a virtual office makes things easier for the company owners and the employees who would love to work remotely.

We offer virtual office address to international companies and usually as a complementary service. Your company will have a legal address, and it will be registered to that address officially at a minimum cost. ERAI Turkey’s team will answer your calls and receive-send your cargos, and your guests will be welcome by ERAI Turkey team.

You will benefit from a prestigious address in the business district of the Anatolian side of Istanbul, which is located near the international motorway E5 and very close to all the means of transport (metro, bus, minibus, etc.). When you need a physical office to work or a meeting room to have a meeting, ERAI Turkey is ready to help you to make the organization.

Once your company is registered with ERAI Turkey’s address, we will answer your dedicated phone on your behalf, receive/send your cargos or posts, and when you need an office or a meeting room, ERAI Turkey will provide you with them as well.

Employing V.I.E.

For reasons of safety, efficiency and supervision, recruiting a young person on a V.I.E. involves identifying a host organisation and a local manager based in the destination country. Depending on your situation, there are various solutions.

Do you have a host structure in the country where the assignment will take place?

Several structures are eligible in the destination country: Subsidiaries, Branch office, Representative office, Sister company, Agent, Distributor, Importer, Another business partner…

ERAI Turkey can host and supervise your V.I.E. in Turkey. To find out more about hosting your V.I.E, contact us!

You don’t have a host structure in the country of the assignment?

In this case, ERAI Turkey can take charge of the dedicated person on a freelance basis, provide accommodation in our business incubators and provide support. ERAI Turkey is an official partner of Business France for this solution.