ERAI HR & Payroll

As ERAI Turkey, we are very well positioned in this area. We can support our clients from A to Z. Since we are coming from an industrial background, we can easily understand the needs of our clients and thanks to our expertise in the field, we can find perfect fits for the companies.

We provide human resources management services such as the management of your staff, from drawing up their pay slips to managing their leave; recruitment management with headhunting as well. We also offer professional assistance in obtaining work permits for your foreign employees.

What would you recommend to companies wishing to develop business via a local team without necessarily setting up a structure in Turkey?

Recruitement / Headhunting

ERAI Turkey has developed into the art of selecting the best candidates for positions proposed by companies looking for the ideal person. We are good at finding the most appropriate employee for the businesses which may be in different industries or service providing businesses.

ERAI Turkey recruitment team dedicated to finding the best candidates through Turkey ensures a very sharp human resource service, with the techniques used by the world’s leading recruitment agencies. Our working methods have proved their success with our many satisfied customers who received a recruitment service in Turkey.

Why entrust your recruitment to ERAI Turkey? 5 reasons to rely on us:

  • 100% satisfaction expressed by our customers so far!
  • ERAI Turkey has a skilled team dedicated to the recruitment service, with a perfect command of local processes and practices.
  • We have experience in recruiting for senior and junior positions successfully both for local and foreign companies who work internationally.
  • Our specialty comes from immense knowledge of each industry in detail thanks to our expertise and wide range of network consisting of private and public institutions, foundations and associations.
  • We offer tailor-made solutions for each request. This allows us to personalise the service on a case-by-case basis.

Are you planning to recruit in Turkey? We’d be pleased to hear from you!

HR & Payroll management

  • We recommend that companies can outsource this mission via a payroll service.
  • Companies are increasingly opting for this alternative solution for a number of reasons: time-saving processes, reduced costs, regulatory compliance, fewer responsibilities, etc.
  • This solution provides a high level of security and flexibility for the company’s human resources.
  • It also allows the company to adapt to its activity. If your company is growing fast and is lacking staff, this is a quick way of making up for the situation.
  • This is an effective way of testing the market by outsourcing the recruitment of employees for a specific period via a local structure with the necessary skills, and avoiding complex administrative procedures with the Turkish authorities.

Do you need to hire in Turkey?

Work Permit Service & Employment Law

Your need. You would like to hire foreign professionals for your project in Turkey, but you will need legal work permit for them? You do not want to lose time and money for such an important mission? Then you are in the correct address. Upon your demand we provide Professional Support to obtain work permit for your foreign employees.

Our solution. We use this service and manage the work permit application for your employees while your focus is on your projects on site. We support your employees from the first step until the work permit is obtained successfully.

This is a very advantageous alternative solution that allows you to have an employee on site with all the necessary legal obligations.

A few references. We work closely with these companies: