ERAI Turkey offers a variety of digital services as part of business development projects. These services aim to help companies exploit digital opportunities to develop their presence on the Turkish market and improve their commercial performance. To achieve this, we work with privileged partners who are experts in their field. Here is our range of services:

IT Support
We can provide you with technical and operational assistance to users and businesses with problems relating to technology, IT systems, software and equipment. Services vary according to the specific needs of the business and the scope of the contract with the IT service provider. Here is a breakdown of the elements commonly included in an IT Support service:

• Helpdesk service,
• User support,
• Hardware support,
• Software support,
• Preventive maintenance,
• Licence management,
• IT security,
• Backup management,
• Update management,
• Remote diagnosis and resolution,
• Incident and problem management.


Web Design
The Web Design service covers the design and development of an attractive, user-friendly and functional website. The precise content of this service may vary depending on the client’s specific needs, the complexity of the project and the skills of the web designer. Here is an overview of the elements that can be included in a Web Design service:

• Needs analysis,
• Conceptual design,
• Visual design
• Responsive design,
• Image selection,
• HTML/CSS integration,
• Functionality development,
• Performance optimisation,
• Testing and debugging,
• Basic SEO,
• Security,
• Launching.

Digital Marketing
The digital marketing service encompasses a range of activities aimed at promoting a company, product or service using digital channels and tools. This can vary depending on the specific objectives of the business, the target audience and the digital marketing strategies adopted. Here is an overview of the elements commonly included in a digital marketing service:

• Digital marketing strategy,
• Search engine marketing (SEM),
• Search engine optimisation (SEO).

Corporate communication
The Corporate Communication service, also known as corporate or institutional communication, concerns the management and dissemination of a company’s messages, values and image to its stakeholders, be they employees, customers, investors, the media, the general public or other key stakeholders. The aim is to maintain a positive reputation, build trust and create consistency in communication. Here is an overview of the elements commonly included in a Corporate Communication service:

• Corporate communication strategy,
• Brand image management,
• Internal and external communication,
• Annual reporting and sustainability.