Business Development

Thanks to its multi-cultural, multi-lingual, and experienced team equipped with efficient analysis tools, we can validate the potential of your business in Turkey via market research, sector analysis, validation of contacts, roadshow organization or exploration tour. We can always shape our services according to the needs and demands of your company.

What would you recommend to companies wishing to develop business via a local team without necessarily setting up a structure in Turkey?

  • Market research: Before entering a new foreign market, it’s important to understand local conditions, demand, competition, regulations and consumer preferences. Market research provides valuable information to help you make informed decisions. The best way to analyse and understand the relevance of a market and identify opportunities worth seizing is to examine complete research of the market while in the discovery phase. We divide the study into two parts: country analysis and industry analysis, in order to give you an appropriate idea about the validation of the market. Market research is strongly advised to understand the market in Turkey better as it has its codes regarding language and diverse culture. In order to locate and qualify on-site opportunities, sales prospecting / finding leads is undertaken during the study. Many potential clients will be contacted on your behalf during this stage.
  • Validation of markets: ERAI Turkey can support to validate your database by contacting them and negotiate on your behalf. At the end of the mission, we provide you with a detailed report including ERAI Turkey’s comments. We can also:
    • provide financial report (which includes the necessary information about the companies together with their financial situation),
    • organise operational events like exploration tour or roadshow, it is a promotional tour to present your products in different cities across Turkey.
  • Partner research: Finding local partners can be essential to success in a new market. These partners can be distributors, agents, sales representatives or joint venture partners. They know the local market, have established networks and can help you penetrate the foreign market more easily. It is a crucial step for your company. Depending on your selection criteria, we will make every effort to find the ideal partner in Turkey. Our expert team starts working on making a list of potential local companies that can be a distributor, sales representative, supplier, potential customer(s), industrial partner in particular as part of the sourcing process etc…After the list is completed, then they are contacted one by one. Once all the companies reached and evaluated, a shortlist is created. At this stage, ERAI Turkey team is continuously in touch with the consultee to choose the best options to meet. We can support you during your meetings with your prospects, especially if there is a need for support in English or French dialogues.


ERAI Turkey’s role is to help companies develop effective strategies to penetrate the Turkish market and maximise their success. To this end, we offer a wide range of missions (led by our General Manager) to companies:

  • Market analysis: Our team carries out in-depth market research to assess opportunities and challenges in foreign markets. They analyse market trends, consumer characteristics, competition, barriers to entry, regulations and other key factors. This analysis provides a solid basis for making informed decisions.
  • Turkish market entry strategy: Our consultants help companies determine the best approach for entering the market. This can include choosing between modes of entry such as direct export, setting up a subsidiary, joint venture or acquiring an existing business. They also advise on local partnerships, strategic alliances and appropriate distribution channels.
  • Strategic planning: We help companies develop a solid strategic plan for their expansion. This includes identifying objectives, defining the value proposition, developing a detailed roadmap, determining the resources required and establishing performance measures to gauge success.
  • Risk assessment: When expanding, there are specific risks to consider, such as political, economic, legal and operational risks. Our team helps companies assess these potential risks and develop appropriate risk management strategies. This may include market diversification, insurance, strategic partnerships and other protective measures.
  • Partnership development: We can help companies identify and establish partnerships with local companies abroad. The aim is to facilitate negotiations, help structure agreements and ensure that partnerships are mutually beneficial and aligned with the company’s objectives.
  • Change management: Expansion can lead to significant changes within the organisation. We help you manage the transition by developing communication plans, providing appropriate training, facilitating cultural adaptation and supporting the organisational change process.
  • Monitoring and evaluation: Our team supports you in setting up monitoring and evaluation systems to measure the progress of the expansion. We can provide you with relevant key performance indicators (KPIs), measurement tools and regular reports to assess the effectiveness of the strategies put in place and make adjustments if necessary.