Setting up a business

Hosting Service

ERAI Turkey has luxury offices located in the largest business district on the Asian side of Istanbul. Get settled in the comfort of your own office with flexible leasing contracts. Our facilities offer quality services and exceptional comfort to enhance the productivity of your stay in Turkey. We provide a welcoming and cozy workspace and exceptional customer service to help you achieve success in your projects and goals! For more information, please contact us by clicking here.

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Coaching of Employees

Our expert team supports your employees locally!

Indeed, it can be complex for employees who are new to the Turkish market to understand all its subtleties. A coaching service is recommended for several reasons:

  • Maximize productivity
  • Understand how the Turkish market functions
  • Adopt a consistent strategy for the market
  • Understand Turkey’s trading laws
  • Become acquainted with the codes of professional etiquette in Turkey
  • Help your intuition with project management

Domiciliation Services

ERAI Turkey offers to assist you when settling in Turkey, ensuring efficiency and fast relay of your mail and calls, as well as displaying your name in the office door. You will benefit from ERAI’s postal address for you to receive your mail via our virtual office services.

Why choose 
domiciliation services with ERAI Turkey?

2 important points:

  • Our team is proficient in French, English, and Turkish and can manage all of your calls.
  • ERAI Turkey has offered its addresses to over 50 companies. Our professionalism will exceed your expectations!
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ERAI Turkey offers to support the recruitment of your local employee(s) or expatriates. With a CV database of over 500 employee qualified to work in Turkey, we can offer the best match in employees tailored to your needs. Contact us for details.

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Umbrella Services

Our office welcomes your colleagues in Turkey thanks to our umbrella services, allowing you to have an employee locally without having to be involved in the legal and administration tasks. We manage the legal administrative duties of your business in Turkey. More than 30 companies have trusted us in this area. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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Quality Control

ERAI Turkey moves to the field to monitor and evaluate your suppliers throughout Turkey. Your supplies as well as the processes of production, packaging and shipments will be studied and transcribed back to your company. According to the specifications that you have given us, we will also be able to add control to your request. This service will allow you to detect any problems in your production chain or in your relations with your Turkish suppliers.