PEO / Umbrella Company Services

umbrella company / PEO service in Turkey

What do we offer?

ERAI Turkey offers PEO / Umbrella Company services (Professional Employer Organization) to its clients who need to outsource their administrative works.

While the employer company takes advantage of not being involved in the legal and administrative tasks; the employee, on the other hand, enjoys the benefits of salaried status, while retaining the flexibility to work on her/his own according to the employer’s directions. This status also allows the company to carry out an activity independently without having to create a legal structure.

For international companies hiring employees in another country via PEO / Umbrella company services, is a simple and effective springboard for testing their economic activity in a new, risk-free market before undertaking implementation or development missions. Most of the companies do not need to establish a company thanks to our concrete and satisfying PEO Services. It is also used to test the relevance of the market as well as the feasibility and success of an idea or a product.

Our company welcomes your colleagues / employees in Turkey thanks to our PEO (Professional Employment Organization) / Umbrella services, allowing you to have an employee locally without having to be involved in the legal and administrative tasks. We manage the legal administrative duties of your business in Turkey. More than 50 companies have trusted us in this area. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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What are the benefits?


  • Recruit more effectively by adopting the workforce according to the needs of the company
  • Outsourcing non-core tasks to the core of the market
  • Respond to a temporary need or a peak of activity
  • Hire qualified personnel (sales expert, engineer, area manager, etc.)

Easy Management

  • Security in the management to the employee
  • The takeover of the administrative tasks by the payroll company (expenses, car rental, etc.)

More Control

  • Small financial investment and minimized risks
  • To benefit from a single interlocutor (here the payroll company ERAI Turkey) for your activities in Turkey
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Three actors of PEO

The client company uses a workforce that has the capacity to carry out missions on the Turkish territory and which signs a contract of performance with ERAI Turkey.

The payroll company intervenes by having the employee sign an employment contract and by guaranteeing the client company an excellent performance of their activities on the spot.

 The employee who signs a contract with the payroll company, and who becomes an employee for the client company through the employment contract.