The offices of ERAI Turkey, based in Istanbul, are like a window that receives the echoes of everything that happens in Turkey as in France, at the economic level and at the level of trade. Since the fall of the value of the Turkish lira in the summer of 2018, the question that is most often asked to the director Simay SOYLU is: “Is it wise to invest in Turkey in 2019 when the country is in such a complicated economic phase? And to this question, she always answers:

“ERAI Turkey offices have never been as busy and as busy with their services as they are today. Why? Because the crisis has not scared those who know the Turkish market well: our old customers. They are realistic about the fact that Turkey is a country that has seen a great many economic, political and social crises, and that it has always been successful. Turkey will also recover from this crisis very quickly. Only companies that know nothing about the Turkish market are afraid of this climate. Turkey will be better tomorrow, and to prepare for it, it is now! We are here to answer any requests and to accompany the most separate in their discovery of the Turkish market.”

Invest In Turkey has published a list of 10 reasons to invest in Turkey and ERAI Turkey supports each of the points which are stated below:

1 / A well-performing economy

If we look at economic indicators such as the growth rate or the economic ranking of Turkey in the world rank, it is well positioned as it is in 19th place and intends to improve.

2 / The population (80 million inhabitants)

3 / A qualified and competitive workforce

4 / A liberal and reformist investment climate

5 / Infrastructures

6 / An ideal central location

7 / A corridor and an energy terminal for Europe

8 / Reduced taxes and incentives

9 / Customs union with the European Union since 1996.

10 / A large internal market

To read the details of these points, click here.

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